You. Improved.

Meet Mike Enger, Test & Surgery Scheduler

"Mike is always a willing member. We recently realigned work and added a second doctor to Mike and he has taken on the added responsibility with a positive attitude."

Meet Margaret Lynch, PA

"Margaret is a contributor, advocate, & leader. She is in charge of our PA preceptor program and successfully oversees the training of aspiring Orthopedic PAs at OrthoCarolina. She is also the mastermind behind the series "Inside the Training Room". Additionally, she finds time to take calls and works shifts at our after-hours orthopedic urgent care clinic. She is the definition of a team player." 

- Bob Raspa PA-C., VP of Value-Based service and PA Dept.

Meet Sandra Sherer, Patient Services Coordinator

"Sandra’s passion to help others, while always displaying a positive, uplifting attitude, paired with her willingness to go above and beyond for our patients and her teammates, make her such a joy to work with.”

Meet Janelle Penatzer, Wellness Program Manager

"Getting the opportunity to help my fellow team members every day to improve their health and wellbeing brings me so much joy! Knowing that the programs, challenges, and education offered could make a big difference in someone’s quality of life, makes my work that much more meaningful."

Meet Laura Hughes, Provider Support Services/Credentialing Manager

“Laura has always gone above and beyond for her team, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. The Credentialing Department is extremely grateful for her and appreciates all she does,"  is what a colleague had to say about Laura! Credentialing is a very important function of our healthcare organization, but sometimes overlooked until now! Learn more from Laura. 

Meet Heather Jones, Radiology Technologist - Shelby

Right before COVID-19 struck, our Shelby office found themselves down a rad tech. Heather stepped up to the plate to take over all duties for the radiology department and work solely on her own to make sure our patients continued to receive the same level of care and excellence during the  pandemic. Learn more about her journey to OrthoCarolina, and why she has been here for over 13 years. 

Meet Nick Yeatts, Research Assistant - OrthoCarolina Research Institute

The collaborative efforts between OrthoCarolina and Atrium are a very productive and innovative approach to conducting research. The ultimate goal of research is to further the field of orthopaedic surgery, therefore increasing the available options and improving the outcomes for our patients. Nick coordinates these research efforts. Learn more about Nick and his unique perspective as a medical student and research coordinator!

Meet Heather Brown, Certified/Registered Medical Assistant - Pineville

Heather is originally from Canada, but has called Charlotte, NC home for many years. As a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) at our Pineville clinic (and previously Foot & Ankle for 17+ years!), Heather is inspired by both her patients and teammates. She has found happiness, security, and friendships that will last a lifetime here at OrthoCarolina. We are proud to have Heather on our team for almost two decades! 

Meet Elena St. Onge, Athletic Trainer - Pineville Physical Therapy

Charlotte native, Elena St. Onge, knew she wanted to be in athletic training when she was a teenager. In fact, she shadowed her current manager, Jeffrey Cayo, for almost two years in high school. After completing her Bachelor's and Graduate degrees, we were lucky to hire Elena on full-time. Learn more about  Elena's busy days (and nights) and her unique perspective on working with student-athletes. 

Meet Dr. Robert Morgan, Sports Medicine, Shoulder & Elbow - Concord

Dr. Morgan considered a degree in Chemical Engineering or a career as a Patent Lawyer, but we are so thankful he decided to pursue Sports Medicine. He prides himself on the highest quality of care for his patients and his exceptional and continuing education in his specialties.  Dr. Morgan might be humble in his work, but he is an integral part of our culture and leadership. 

Meet Lynn Pennell, Pre-Certification and Collection Specialist - Mallard Creek Surgery Center

Lynn was nominated by her supervisor for her flexibility, dependability and support of her teammates that were adjusting to working from home due to the pandemic. Lynn explains the cost and insurance benefits prior to surgery, but her true passion is calming the nerves of patients before their procedure! 

Meet Amanda Noto, PTA at SouthPark

Amanda's dedication to her patients and education is unsurpassed! She works full days Monday-Thursday at OrthoCarolina and then travels to the University of St. Augustine on the weekends for hands-on lab time to complete her DPT next year. Find out why (and how) she does it all! 

Meet Taylor Rowe, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator at OCRI

Taylor works with both our Hip & Knee and Sports Clinics on their research efforts. With OC, he has been able to spend time in the operating room observing the world-class abilities of our surgeons. A typical day for Taylor is anything but boring! 

Meet Carol Green, Therapy Specialist at SouthPark

During Carol's 30+ year career with OrthoCarolina, she has witnessed incredible growth and change. But one thing has always remained constant. 

An Awesome Life: PA Dana Cumberworth sets an example for those with diabetes

After receiving a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, Dana Cumberworth was given a new routine to follow. 

OrthoCarolina Hand Therapy Fellow accepts 2019 Mary C. Kasch Scholarship

Ashley Coudron DeCo, OTR/L, received and was presented with the 2019 Mary C. Kasch scholarship during the American Society of Hand Therapy’s national conference in Washington D.C. in October 2019.

Meet Thomas Chambers, Radiology Technologist

An injury as a high school football player was the beginning of a career for Thomas.

Meet Dr. Craig, physician at OrthoCarolina Winston Salem

What's the best part of being a team member at OC? Being able to have a positive impact on the lives of the patients we serve every day.

Meet Erika Gandee, Director of Health Information and IS Projects

"I love that we work together for a common goal. We help people all over the world to be the best they can be after an injury."

Meet Trina Hast, Surgery Scheduler

"Teamwork makes the dream work. I like the feeling that we bring the best quality of care to each and every patient."

Meet Arlette Threats, Patient Services Team Lead

"I am able to help patients and use the knowledge I have received to be able to assist my co-workers."

Meet Dr. Patricia McHale

"I enjoy being able to take care of patients of all ages and to be part of helping them get back to doing what they love to do. Seeing a patient get back to their sport or even just walking again after a fracture is the best reward!"

Meet Alena Kryukov, Lead Credentialing and Provider Support Services Coordinator

"I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be part of such a well-known and highly recommended company that improves lives for so many people around the globe."

Meet Dianne Jackson, Vice President of Ancillary Services

"I can still work in a great environment but team up with outstanding individuals who work to “Make Lives Better.”

Meet Sonya Williamson, Radiologic Technologist

"Each day I feel an accomplishment that I have helped patients in their recovery."

Meet Samantha Cato, Scheduling and Administrative Coordinator

"I don’t know where I would be in life right now if it wasn’t for some of my previous team leads who helped me when I was lost along the way, as well as for the friends that I have made that have become more than “work friends."

Meet Alexandra Schery, Physician Assistant

"We all share a common goal which is to help people, and all of our team members here at OC hold ourselves to the highest of standards."

Meet Christie Roller, Scheduling and Administrative Coordinator

"My favorite part of working at OC is the team and providers I work with. We strive every day to make each patient’s experience at OC a positive one."

Meet Bradley Stallings, Patient Support Services Team Lead

"Every team I have ever worked on within this organization has been like a family."

Meet Ben Fountain, Post-Surgical Technician

"My favorite part about working here is knowing the impact we have on the community and knowing that our purpose to make lives better is being fulfilled."

Meet Brian Shaw, Clinical Case Manager

"I love those in the trenches with me—my co-workers—and I love those we fight for every day—our patients."

Meet Hayley French, Physical Therapist

"Everyone helps to support each other, problem-solve together, and help create a positive atmosphere that we work in each day."

Meet Heather McClary, Clinical Team Lead

"No day is the same in my position but I try to make sure that we are always working as a team, giving good service to our patients and take responsibility for what goes on during our clinics."

Meet Makala McCrorey, Patient Services Specialist

"I am passionate about promoting a positive work environment and at my office, I am able to do weekly and monthly things to recognize my coworkers. I love that OrthoCarolina values work culture and employee satisfaction."

Meet Holly Duggan, Information Services Assistant

"I could not have asked for a better group of caring and passionate folks to be around on a daily basis."

Meet Heather Kidder, Physical Therapy Manager

"The team that we have in Rock Hill is like a small family. We support each other, we have great clinical conversations, and we have fun with each other day in and day out!"

Meet Ben Connell, Registry Manager at the OrthoCarolina Research Institute

"What I like most is the opportunity to work with our providers to help improve the quality of care given to our patients."

Meet Taylor Nervi, Patient Support Services Team Lead

"I feel very fortunate to work in a place where a bad day doesn’t really exist."

Meet Haywood Smith, Accounts Receivable Supervisor

"Since I have always been intrigued by numbers and problem-solving I'm proud to say I have my dream job."

Meet Shannon Elliott, Quality Project Manager

"I am so proud to be a part of a team that has a dedication to making lives better inside and outside of our business."

Meet Kirstie Pearce, Clinic Supervisor

"Every day is different and you never know what to expect. I like that I am continuing to learn every day."

Meet Alexandria Lacy, Practice Administrator

"Without the help of every person in my office, I couldn’t do my job."

Meet Nancy Meabon, Medical Administrative Assistant

"Working directly with the physicians has given me a different perspective as to what exactly their schedules entail and has given me a deep respect for what they do for OC patients and the community."

Meet Bob Raspa, PA-C and Director of Physician Assistant Services and Value Based Programs

"From the day I started at OC, I was made to feel welcome and that my small contribution at work mattered. It’s obvious that OC cares about patients and community, but it also cares about its employees."

Meet Kristen Jones, Occupational Therapist

"I have been an occupational for almost 25 years, and the look on patient’s faces as they achieve a goal they were fearful or uncertain about continues to provide a sense of fulfillment and purpose." 

Meet Teresa Mintz, Occupational Therapist

"I get to know my clients on such a personal level, helping them cope through some very difficult and sometimes life changing events."

Meet Katrina Courtright, Athletic Trainer

"I really enjoy being able to see my athletes every day and having consistent interaction with them which helps significantly with injury care and return to play."

Meet Rebecca Strycharz, Athletic Trainer

"The best part of being an athletic trainer is the relationship you build with the athletes and patients."

Meet Michael McGowan, Athletic Trainer

"The best part of my job is getting my athletes, any of my clinic patients or school athletes, healthy and back to whatever activities they participate in."

Meet Matthew Hancock, Athletic Trainer at OrthoCarolina

"It’s a great feeling being with a patient from start to finish and watching them return to being successful in their respective sport."

Meet Ray Beltz, Athletic Trainer

"That is truly the reward, knowing that you helped give someone another chance."

Meet Ashley Ferguson, Foot & Ankle Institute Fellowship Coordinator

"Every day is different, there’s always a challenge and I’m never bored."

Meet Kimberly Stevens, Clinical Assistant

"I love seeing patients get better and get back to doing things they couldn’t do before."

Meet Quinn Ebert, Administrative Team IT Technician

"I like the ability to make a positive impact in the workflow of OrthoCarolina employees. Being able to fix problems and improve systems are my two main passions."

Meet Tamara May, Physical Therapist

"I really enjoy trying to get to know each patient, what their individual goals and interests are, and encourage them along their rehab journey. There is nothing better than seeing a patient get excited about meeting their goals and returning to the activities that they enjoy!"

Meet Jason Gajdzis, Physician Assistant at OrthoCarolina

"I truly enjoy getting to know our patients. In the time that I have been a PA I can honestly say I have met some pretty amazing people who have some unbelievable stories. Each day is a new opportunity to learn something valuable from someone else."

Meet Kendra Petit, Radiologic Technologist

"I love the patient care and my team. I love getting to meet patients and be able to help them."

Meet Stacy Stenhouse, Radiologic Technologist

"What I like most about my job is that I get to be a part of helping patients get better and the day to day challenges that it gives me."

Meet Emily Parker, Patient Concierge Team Lead

"I have never worked at an organization where I can have the same relationship with my CEO that I do with my coworkers. Everyone I’ve worked with has become like family to me."

An OC Family Tradition: Erika’s Cookie Cart

Family baking brings cheer to the entire office.

Meet Regina Carbone, Surgery Scheduler and Administrative Assistant

"I like the sense of accomplishment it gives me to see the surgery process through with patients from start to finish."

Meet Lindsay Burke, Medical Assistant

"I really am so fortunate to be at a job that I genuinely look forward to coming to with people who will be friends of mine forever." 

Meet Chad Barringer, Director of Revenue Cycle Management

"Working at OC isn't just a job, it's an integral part of my life."

Meet Megan Bostick, Patient Services Coordinator

" It is much more than just answering phones. You have to be very attentive, understanding, caring, observant and accommodating."

Meet Thinh Tran, Certified Medical Assistant

"We are doing something great that sets us apart from the others."

Meet Todd Bohemier, Physical Therapy Manager

"I love that everyday is different. I love my teammates but really they are my extended family. We are doing some cool things together . I feel we are making lasting impacts for each patient one person at a time."

Meet DeShaun Mack, Manager of Insurance Support Services

"I love how involved OrthoCarolina is in the community and the dedication we give to patients!"

Dyann Becker, HR Onboarding Coordinator

"I love the group of people I work with. The Recruitment Team is fun and supportive and we have meshed into a kind of unique family in that while we have to work together, we choose to accept each other with our quirks and eccentricities. Hands down, the best team I have ever been a part of."

Meet Dalissia Grothe, Physician Assistant at OrthoCarolina

"OrthoCarolina really focuses on helping people and the community. I love that I get to help patients improve and get them through a potential difficult time in their lives."

Meet Matthew Kersten, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Facility Relations

"I’m so impressed with OrthoCarolina’s forward thinking mentality, and for me to have a seat at the table around the strategic decisions that this organization is making is truly invigorating!"

Meet Dr. Leo Spector, Spine Surgeon and Chief Quality Officer

"The people - my partners at OC, colleagues at Park Road and the staff throughout the entire organization that make OC great!"

Meet Chrystal Schanewolf, Director of Clinic Operations at OrthoCarolina

"I get to build relationships with my team, physicians and other leader and enjoy being a part of the success. We care about each other and that is what ultimately brings me joy in my job each and every day."

Meet Melanie Nixon, Patient Advocate

"I wanted to be in a position where I could help patients in a unique way."

Meet Jenni Knighten, Director of Organizational Culture and Engagement.

"In my role, I get to partner with so many different departments and teams. We are working together to make sure we are living and breathing the OC purpose to make lives better for one another and the patients we serve."

Meet the Physical Therapy Office - Ballantyne

"Every patient will be greeted with a friendly smile by their physical or occupational therapist."

Meet Matt Skeen, Practice Manager in Residence

" Every day is different. Each day I am faced with new challenges."

Meet Rodney Stanley, Physician at OrthoCarolina Mooresville

Dr. Stanley's favorite part of working at OrthoCarolina is ,"Being able to focus on making patients better, while being part of a large group of physicians and staff with similar goals."

Meet Charles Sikes, Physician at OrthoCarolina Mooresville

"I get to see people return to their desired activities with less pain and an improved quality of life."

The Culture of OrthoCarolina

At OrthoCarolina, our team is our greatest asset and the foundation of our success. They serve as ambassadors of the OrthoCarolina brand and everything our culture represents.

OrthoCarolina named a 2018 Charlotte's "Healthiest Employer"

For the third year in a row OrthoCarolina has earned the honor.

Meet Two Sisters at OrthoCarolina- Julia Lilley and Jan Fincher

Julia Lilley is a Controller and her sister Jan Fincher is Vice President of Operations. "It's great to see each other in a professional environment."

Is OrthoCarolina Right For Me?

At OrthoCarolina we work hard everyday to deliver on our purpose: MAKE LIVES BETTER

Why I Love My Job at OrthoCarolina

BY CELESTE SMITH, What makes a Top Workplace? We asked people at our 50 Top Workplaces why they love their jobs. Thinh Tran responds for OrthoCarolina.

Certified Medical Assistants Excelling at OrthoCarolina

See how our wonderful team of Certified Medical Assistants is helping OrthoCarolina deliver top quality care every day!

Meet Susan Odum, Senior Research Scientist at the OrthoCarolina Research Institute

"In my job, no two days are the same. I am constantly challenged to learn and progress while surrounded by terrific people."

Meet Cheryl Bolick, Executive Coordinator to Ancillary Services, Finance and PAs

"The company itself, and the ways we support each other and are active in the community really makes this a wonderful place to work!"

Becky Gavalchik- HRIS Manager in Human Resources

"I enjoy the team atmosphere we’ve created at OrthoCarolina, specifically within the HR Department. We all support one another for which I am very thankful."

Constance Pritchard- Medical Administrative Assistant

"It’s not about just showing up to draw a paycheck but also enjoying what you do."

Explore OrthoCarolina Gastonia Physical Therapy

"They are constantly taking coursework to increase their skill sets and frequently attend courses together so they are all on the same page."

​Berthlyn Thomas- Benefits and Compensation Analyst

"I enjoy working for an organization that is so involved in the community..."

Ann Radabaugh- Medical Assistant

Ann Radabaugh is a medical assistant at OrthoCarolina.

Marie Carter- Certified Medical Assistant

Marie Carter is a certified medical assistant at OrthoCarolina.

Brandi Miller- Orthopedic Coordinator

Brandi Miller is an orthopedic coordinator at Mallard Creek Surgery Center.

Dr. Robert Morgan- Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Robert Morgan, orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCarolina's Concord location.

John Alexander- Radiology Systems Administrator

John Alexander is a radiology systems administrator at OrthoCarolina.

Marissa Bradley - Certified Medical Assistant

Meet Marissa Bradley, certified medical assistant at OrthoCarolina's Pineville location.

Highlighting Eastover Physical Therapy

Learn more about OrthoCarolina's Eastover Physical Therapy Office.

Andy Hylton- PA-C

Andy Hylton is a PA-C at OrthoCarolina.

Vickie Atkins- Referral Coordinator

Vickie Atkins is a referral coordinator at OrthoCarolina.

Meet Ashley Brooks- Hand Therapy Fellow

Ashley Brooks is a Hand Therapy Fellow at OrthoCarolina.

Meet Shannon Pesackis- Executive Coordinator

Shannon Pesackis is an executive coordinator at OrthoCarolina.

Meet Chris Gabriel- Physical Therapist

Chris Gabriel is a physical therapist at OrthoCarolina.

Meet Jessica Weems- Medical Administrative Assistant

Jessica Weems is a medical administrative assistant at OrthoCarolina.

Meet Turrayn Sharpe- Executive Coordinator

Turrayn Sharpe is an executive coordinator at OrthoCarolina.

Meet Miranda McGinnis- Senior Financial Analyst and Internal Auditor

Meet Miranda McGinnis is a senior financial analyst and internal auditor at OrthoCarolina.

Meet Sarah DoBroka- Physical Therapist

Sarah DoBroka is a physical therapist at OrthoCarolina Ballantyne.

Meet Debra Myhr- Physical Therapist

Debra Myhr is a physical therapist at OrthoCarolina Monroe

Meet Maria "Zen" Abanilla- Physical Therapist

Zen is a physical therapist at OrthoCarolina's University location

Meet Crystal Knowles- Rad Tech

Crystal Knowles is a rad tech at OrthoCarolina South Park.

Meet Stacy Rumfelt- Occupational Therapist

Stacy Rumfelt is an Occupational Therapist at the OrthoCarolina Hand Center.

How I Landed the Job: Dana Dempsey, Hand and Wrist Specialist at OrthoCarolina

OrthoCarolina is a fantastic organization. I always knew it was a great place to be, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Four years ago, I stumbled upon this job.

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