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Meet Reeba Marshall, Radiology Technician

Welcome to a glimpse into my daily routine as a radiologic technologist at OrthoCarolina Hickory. My role involves providing quality X-ray images, assisting with clinical duties, and ensuring that patients receive the care they need.

My day begins with an early arrival at the clinic. Dr. Gilchrist and I often work together, either in the injection room or on the hall attending to patients. Before the clinic starts, we ensure that everything is properly prepared for the day ahead. This involves organizing the required documents, setting out supplies for injections, and ensuring all equipment is in working order

.When we're in the injection room, I collaborate closely with Dr. Gilchrist and Lori, our nurse. My responsibilities include escorting patients to and from the injection room, operating the c-arm imaging equipment, and providing assistance to Lori whenever necessary. This collaborative effort allows us to deliver injections safely and efficiently, ensuring optimal patient care.

On other occasions, I assist with rooming patients, gathering the necessary information for their visits, performing X-rays, and helping with any clinical or X-ray duties required. This dynamic environment keeps me engaged and allows me to contribute to various aspects of patient care.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is interacting with patients. I believe in providing compassionate care and making sure each patient feels comfortable and heard. Taking the time to explain procedures, answering their questions, and alleviating their concerns are essential elements of my role. I chose OrthoCarolina because of the warm welcome I received from the moment I joined. The Hickory branch feels like a close-knit family, where support and assistance are readily available. Working in a positive environment like that has allowed me to grow not only as an employee but as a person.

As an X-ray technologist, I often get asked about the safety of X-rays and whether the radiation will cause them harm. It is important to reassure them that X-rays are performed using minimal radiation doses, adhering to strict safety protocols to ensure their well-being.

Another common question involves the difference between MRI and X-ray imaging. I take the time to explain that while both techniques produce images of the body, they serve different purposes. X-rays are best for visualizing bones and certain organs, whereas MRI scans provide detailed images of soft tissues, joints, and internal organs.

Being a radiologic technologist at OrthoCarolina Hickory is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Each day brings new challenges, opportunities to care for patients, and a chance to contribute to a supportive and collaborative team environment.