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We survey our team along the journey of employment with OrthoCarolina, here is some of what they had to say:

Referencing our orientation and onboarding

"The HR Staff was so engaging and you can tell how much they love OrthoCarolina. I was so impressed by the organization."

"The energy of the staff and evident belief in OC's credo. It got me excited and happy to be a part of the company that values its employees and the community it serves."

"Kudos to you all for the most impactful, interactive, fun, helpful, informative, orientation I have ever experienced. I hope there is as much emphasis on culture in the various clinics, as you mentioned."

Referencing our Daily Huddles:

"They bring not only the office together, but OC together. To inform us not only on what is happening now, but to inform us of what OC is, and does in the clinic and outside of the clinic. To me, it shows me that I'm not just working for another "business" I am working for a team who cares about the community and the people who we come in contact with each and every day."

"The best huddles I have been to have been the ones when our provider led them. Everyone was so much more engaged, and energetic."