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For many physicians, taking care of others is their life’s work and the ultimate calling. They spend countless hours in clinic or in surgery, caring for patients. It is typically a highly demanding job that often requires many hours away from their families.

In honor of Doctors’ Day on March 30, we asked our doctors why they chose the medical field:

"I chose to become an orthopedic surgeon to help people with musculoskeletal problems improve function, reduce pain, and hopefully become a better version of themselves.”
David T. Anderson, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I knew it would be a challenging and fulfilling profession that would allow me to meaningfully interact with people to improve their lives and function."
Michael Bates, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because this profession allows me to combine my passions for making lives better and educating patients, families, and other physicians with lifelong learning and continuous drive to improve my knowledge and technical skills."
Virginia F. Casey, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because it represents a great way to impact other people’s lives in a positive manner."
Todd M. Chapman, Jr. M.D.

"I chose to become a doctor to help people get their life back, living more abundantly." 
David Ciaccia, DO

"I chose to become a doctor because giving someone their mobility back provides so much in terms ofself-confidencee, independence and their overall outlook on life."
Brian M. Curtin, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because it allowed me to pursue my life goals as a scientist, educator and healer."
Jeffrey M. Daily, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because my dad was a family doctor in the coal mine communities of West Virginia. When I was a kid I used to go with him in his Willys Jeep up into the back woods and "hollars" to make house calls. I thought that was so cool and the patients were so thankful I decided then that is what I wanted to do. I have never for even one day regretted that
David N. DuPuy, MD

"I wanted to become a doctor because I wanted to help patients now with nonoperative and operative care when needed; and help patients in the future with the research, development and advancement of our field. I feel like its a calling and I'm honored to take care of people. We see everything from small problems to devastating, life-altering conditions/injuries, and it is a privilege to be able to help my patients." 
Kent Ellington, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because orthopedics seemed to be the perfect combination of science, working with my hands, and interacting with and helping people. A book nerd with power tools! Yep, that’s me."
Robert A. Erdin, III, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to help people with a specific ailment and get them back to an active lifestyle." 
Keith A. Fehring, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because my father died when I was eight months old, and my grandmother who raised me told me that when I grew up that was what I was going to be. Meanwhile, playing football at Wake Forest I incurred multiple injuries requiring four orthopedic surgeries. I became very close to the athletic trainer and team doctor who encouraged me to become an orthopedic surgeon. This was one of the best decisions of my life. It has given me the opportunity to help people in the same way that I was helped during my athletic career."
Thomas K. Fehring, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted a challenging job that made a difference." 
Adam Fosnaugh, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I learned from my father that doctors can have a direct and positive impact on people's lives." 
Robert Andrew (Drew) Henderson, MD, MSc

"I chose to become a doctor because being able to help people improve their function and quality of life is rewarding."
Todd A. Irwin, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to help people make their lives better." 
Eric B. Laxer, MD

"As my father is an orthopedic surgeon, I realized first hand that through orthopedic surgery I could make a mark on my community and have an immediate positive impact in relieving pain and improving the function of patients of all ages."
Ranjan S. Maitra, MD

"My father was a pharmacy back before there were the chain stores. Everyone called him "Doc". I spent all my free time working at his pharmacy while I was growing up. I saw the care and compassion he had for his clients. Many a late night I would go in with him after the store had closed to fill a prescription for someone in need. He would do anything in his power to help those in need. I knew then that I wanted to do the same and felt becoming a doctor would be the best way. I was right!"
Roy A. Majors, MD

"I chose to become a doctor to improve people's quality of life."
J. Ryan Martin, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to use the gifts given to me in order to make life better for others."
John L. Masonis, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because my father inspired me to do so."
Robert B. McBride, Jr., MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to help people." 
R. Alden Milam, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because it allows me to make a difference."
Robert Morgan, MD

"Being a physician is one of the few careers that allow you to truly engage your mind, body and spirit. It starts with having a genuine desire to care and serve others for their health, function and well-being. It is manifested with having a pursuit for science and knowledge combined with technical expertise to perform interventional or surgical procedures to help patients." 
Kinjal Parikh, DO

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to help people."
Dana P. Piasecki, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to make lives better."
Paul F. Rush, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I enjoy taking care of and serving others." 
Scott Shawen, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to help people feel better and stay active."
Charles “Van” Sikes, MD

"I chose to become a doctor to help people return to an active lifestyle and things they love to do." 
Jason Silva, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to help people."
Leo R. Spector, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I realized I could affect people’s lives in a positive way." 
Julie C. Woodside, MD

"I chose to become a doctor because I wanted to make a positive impact on as many people’s lives as possible."
Jonathan S. Yoder, MD

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- Join our team and our effort to make lives better.

- Now that you've gotten to know our physicians, find one near you.

- Our providers are passionate about education. Visit our Orthopedic Library to learn more about common orthopedic conditions.

This article was originally published on March 20, 2018, and updated on March 19, 2019.

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March 29, 2019

I have seen Drs Major, Ternes, Burbank, Cohen, Parikh and Ward. Highly Recommend every one of them!!!
- Jacquelyn Ramsey

April 02, 2018

I love Dr. Todd Chapman !!! He did my back surgery in 2016 and I have never felt better. There is still no pain. He made my quality of life so much better. I recommend him all to everyone that is have back issues. Thanks again Dr. Chapman !!!
- Rhonda M. Devinney

April 01, 2018

Dr. Ronald Singer and his entire team ROCK!!!! -Ros Medlin
- Rosalind Medlin

March 31, 2018

I am enthralled to have Dr. Loeffler as my doctor. He listened to my symptoms and found the problem when no one else could. Having a hand injury is very frightening to me as a musician. I was recently told by the nurse assigned to my case that Dr. Loeffler was one of the best. After reading the CNN article stating that he was one of the doctors to operate on (providing a cutting edge prosthetic arm) the young woman who lost her arm to a shark, makes me very comfortable with the fact that he will perform my hand surgery.
- Sharen Bolder

March 31, 2018

I would like to thank dr. McBride he has really took the time to help me come back to a decent life thank you so much. Even when the insurance companies were not act like they needed to be he just kept right on fighting till he got me what I needed.
- Sonyamathis

March 30, 2018

I would like to publicly thank Dr Sami Oweida for giving me my life back after suffering the after effects of RA. The care and thoughtfulness he gives his patients is unbelievable. He is my hero. Also, many thanks to Dr Dan Lewis for all of the help he has been. A really great guy! Two excellent doctors I highly recommend!
- Terri Dowell

March 30, 2018

Dr. Thomas Fehring, and Hailey, I would like to thank the two of you, for all the care that was given to my aunt last year. My aunt, Alberta Campbell, also say would like to sat thank you. Blessings, and love to both of you.
- Carolyn Caldwell

March 30, 2018

I am so honored to know Dr Kent Ellington - a very talented surgeon and a very caring person. The world is a better place because he is in it. Happy Drs. Day to Dr. E!!
- Helen Mason

March 30, 2018

Thank you to the two greatest doctors that I have ever seen. Dr. Matthew Gullickson and Dr. Kevin Brown are the most caring doctors.around. If it wasn't for them I would probably not have the use of my right arm. I recommend both these doctors and Ortho Carolina in Matthews to anyone that is having any kind of orthopedic problems. The doctors, nurses, therapists and entire staff at this facility are really caring.
- Nancy Mabry

March 30, 2018

I had hip replacement surgery last year which was performed by Dr. Beaver. If having major surgery can be a pleasant experience (usually not), it certainly was with Dr Beaver. He is a very caring man and never makes you feel like you are just another patient. He was so good that I will be making an appointment because my other hip is causing me great pain. I hope he has no plans of retiring anytime soon !!!!!!
- patricia bauers

March 30, 2018

I want to thank Dr Gilchrist he is a doctor but to me he is just like me he care deeply for his patients you can talk to him just like a close friend he listen to your problems and does his best to to fix it he is one of the best doctors I've ever had Thank You hope to be your patience for a long time
- Marion Blake

March 30, 2018

I was referred to Dr. Robert Anderson by Dr. Leon Dickerson when Dr. Dickerson retired. I loved Dr. Dickerson, however, I feel the same about Dr. Anderson. An absolutely phenomenal surgeon. I am a Post Polio patient and Dr. Anderson addressed the Post Polio issues as well. I appreciate their genuine concern for their patients and the time spent with me to address each issue. The same goes for Dr. Daniel Lewis who has operated on two fingers the past couple of years. Happy Doctors Day guys. You’re second to none. Becky Price
- Rebecca Price

March 30, 2018

Congratulations Doctors! You do help people to live better lives. In my case thanks to Dr. Bryan Springer for helping me make my life better!
- Hilda R Tipton

March 30, 2018

Dr. Russell Gilchrist is one of the nicest, knowledgeable. caring, and compassionate physicians I have ever encountered. He informs the patient aheadd of the procedure what to expect, as well as informs and reaasures the patient during the procedure. He is also very familiar with his patient's ailments and does not depend on a computer to keep up to date. He is remarkable.
- Ann Bost

March 30, 2018

I had a very intensive back surgery by Dr. Alden Milam in 2015. I had experienced pain for some time that became increasingly worse and had made it difficult to do things I wanted to do and even difficult to sleep for more than a couple of hours at the time before waking up due to the pain. Dr. Milam was very patient and detailed explaining the process as well as explaining what to expect during the recovery process. It has been wonderful not having to live with pain every day and I am very thankful to have found him.
- Elaine Langdon

March 30, 2018

Hats off to three of the FINEST. Doctors Walter Beaver & Don D'Alessandro (ret. 4/1/18) and P.A. Bill Heisel. I thank God every day that these three ultimate professionals chose medicine as their passion and career.
- George Briercheck

March 30, 2018

On 11/29/17, Dr. Schifferen performed a right total shoulder replacement. I now have my life back. What more can I say!!
- Rebecca Werden

March 30, 2018

Dr.'s Howe and Satterfield have operated on me. They are wonderful doctors. Very caring and have gone above and beyond to even call me at home to make sure I am doing okay. Keep up the good work and patient relations. PS: My husband, Rich, just used your Urgent Care this week, what a great thing to have.Todd, PA, was wonderful and took great care of his broken fingers.
- Ann Emmerich

March 30, 2018

We met the nicest Dr. yesterday - caring and so wonderful to my 98 year old Mother! Thank you Dr. David DuPuy for selecting a profession that allows you to be you and shine so brightly!!! With gratitude, Betty Myers and daughter Cheryl Saylor
- Cheryl Saylor for Betty Myers

March 30, 2018

I have been seeing Dr James Alexander and Dr Scott Burbank for years. They are caring and really care about you. It’s really upsetting that Dr Alexander is not seeing patients as I had been seeing him over 12 years. Don’t want to forget PA Tony Conott he is great too.
- Susan Day

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