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Logan Godman's Inspiring Journey: Overcoming ACL Injury to Shine in Senior Football Season

Explore Logan Godman's inspiring journey from an ACL injury to a triumphant return to football. Discover the crucial role played by Dr. Bryan Saltzman, along with dedicated professionals Courtney LaFreniere and Matt Erbe, in Logan's remarkable recovery. Witness how Logan's determination and social media presence motivated not only himself but also athletes facing similar challenges. Follow his story as he shines in his senior football season, exemplifying the importance of proper preparation and rehabilitation after ACL injuries.

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Weekend Orthopedic Urgent Care: Empowering Patients for Quick Recovery

Find out which OrthoCarolina Urgent Care locations offer weekend hours for convenient access to orthopedic specialists.

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Introducing Our Newest Physicians: Experts in Foot and Ankle, Spine, Hand, Hip and Knee, and Joint Reconstruction!

Discover OrthoCarolina's exciting additions to the team! Our group of five new physicians brings expertise in Foot and Ankle, Spine, Hand, Hip and Knee, and Joint Reconstruction. Learn about their backgrounds, specialties, and interests as they join our dedicated team of orthopedic experts. From hand fellowship-trained surgeons to NFL veterans turned doctors, each physician brings a unique perspective to our practice. Explore their profiles and get to know the individuals who are expanding our orthopedic capabilities at OrthoCarolina.

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Summer Safety: 5 Tips to Preventing Heat-Related Injuries in Your Fitness Routine

Stay safe in the summer sun! Discover essential tips for preventing heat-related injuries during your outdoor fitness routine. Hydrate properly, choose the right time and place, dress for comfort, and listen to your body. Modify your workout to beat the heat and enjoy a healthy and active summer.

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Cool Down, Stay Strong: The Importance of Post-Workout Recovery in Summer for Orthopedic Health

Nurturing Orthopedic Wellness: The Crucial Role of Post-Workout Recovery in Summer

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Charlotte Kickoff Night: 10th Annual Charlotte Kickoff Night Powered by OrthoCarolina - A Decade of Celebrating Excellence in High School Football!

Get ready for an electrifying evening of high school football action at the 10th Annual Charlotte Kickoff Night on August 17, 2023! Powered by OrthoCarolina, this event features two thrilling matchups showcasing top-tier talent. Join us in celebrating a decade of excellence as OrthoCarolina supports student-athletes in their pursuit of greatness. Secure your tickets now for a night of athleticism and excitement that's not to be missed.

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Pickleball Injury Prevention: Expert Tips for Weekend Warrior

Learn how to prevent pickleball injuries with insights from an orthopedic surgeon. Discover common injuries, such as foot and ankle injuries, low back injuries, and shoulder and elbow injuries, and find out how to reduce the risk through proper warm-up, stretching, and exercise. Seek professional guidance for treatment and rehabilitation if injuries occur. Stay safe and enjoy pickleball without the worry of getting hurt. 

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Dive into Health and Wellness: The Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for All!

Discover the Power of Water: Transforming Fitness and Well-being Through Aquatic Exercise

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health and Orthopedic Well-Being

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of yoga and stretching for mental health, alongside our friends at Melting Point Hot Yoga and provide simple movements that you can do at home. We hope you'll join us in taking control of your mental health this month!

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Going Green: OrthoCarolina Introduces Paperless Billing for Enhanced Convenience and Sustainability

Discover the benefits of OrthoCarolina's new paperless billing protocol starting September 1st, 2023. Enjoy the convenience of managing and paying your bills from anywhere, while saving money on stamps and avoiding late fees. Experience a time-saving and

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So you’re having some new low back pain… now what?

Learn about midline low back pain and how to manage it in this informative article. With up to 85% of people experiencing acute low back pain at some point in their life, it's important to know the best ways to improve mobility and reduce pain. Discover t

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Mallard Creek Surgery Center Exceeds the AAAHC re-certification

OrthoCarolina is proud to announce that Mallard Creek has exceeded the rigorous standards set forth by the AAAHC recertification. Read more about our commitment to maintaining the highest healthcare standards and ensuring patient safety.

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Patient Spotlight: Sadie Absher, Rollin Hornet

Discover how the All-Star Adaptations Basketball Program is helping children with disabilities access adaptive sports in a safe and inclusive environment. Learn about the benefits of this nonprofit organization and how it's boosting self-confidence, impro

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Welcome to OC, Dr. Grier

OrthoCarolina is a leading orthopedic practice in the Southeast, offering expert care for musculoskeletal conditions. Meet Dr. Grier and learn more about our comprehensive services at

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The Inspiring Journey of Central Cabarrus High School Boy's Basketball Team

OrthoCarolina is proud to provide excellence in orthopedics for all. Join us in celebrating Gavin, Micah, and Jake's return to the Central Cabarrus Basketball court after being in the specialized care of Dr. Robert Morgan.

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Welcome back to OC, Dr. Anderson

We are excited to welcome Dr. Anderson back at OrthoCarolina to add to his previous 29 years of service with OC.

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OrthoCarolina, Doctors Provide Orthopaedic Care and Education in Tanzania

OrthoCarolina's Dr. Virginia Casey and other medical professionals are providing orthopaedic care and education to patients at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Tanzania

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OC Presents the 2023 Sports Medicine Symposium

Join us for the 35th Sports Medicine Symposium as we discuss the principles of injury prevention, recognition, and treatment of athletic shouder injuries.

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