OrthoCarolina: How to make the most out of physical therapy

How to Make the Most Out of Physical Therapy: 10 Tips

We sourced 10 well-rounded tips for making the most of your time in physical therapy.  That's physical therapy done better.

patellofemoral pain syndrome. Runners Knee

What You Need to Know about Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner’s Knee)

In the running community, patellofemoral pain syndrome (“PFPS”), or Runner’s Knee, has a reputation for being painful and frustrating.

5 Tips to Protect Youth Athletes from Foot Injuries

5 Tips to Protect Youth Athletes from Foot Injuries

Most sports-related foot injuries are preventable. Here are 5 simple tips to help protect your youth athletes from foot and ankle injuries.

National Athletic Training Month

Athletic Trainers – Health Care Providers on the Field and in the Clinic

OrthoCarolina celebrates the dedicated, talented trainers on our staff as part of National Athletic Training Month, observed each March.

OrthoCarolina virtual therapy and virtual appointments

Virtual Therapy: What to Expect

Through virtual therapy, patients can progress toward their physical or hand-therapy and pain-management goals with support from their therapist, all while minimizing social contact.

Gym Class At Home: How to Keep Your Virtual Learners Active

Gym Class At Home: How to Keep Your Virtual Learners Active

With school gone digital, parents and caregivers are getting creative to keep their virtual learners physically active. Matt Erbe, PT, walks through how he brought gym class home for his two elementary-school-aged kids.

Carolina Panthers Football injury on the field

The 3 Big Football Injuries You Should Know About

Most football injuries occur in the knee. The three most common types of injury are the MCL sprain, the meniscus tear, and the ACL tear

Trying to Stay Hydrated? The Truth About Sports Drinks VS. Water

Trying to Stay Hydrated? The Truth About Sports Drinks VS. Water

Read the label – sports and energy drinks may have more in them than you bargained for.

30-Second Stretching

The 30-Second Stretching Rule

It’s common to see runners and other athletes prepare for training by quickly touching their toes or stretching their quads. But how long should you really be holding a stretch?

Q&A with Physical Therapist Team

Physicals for College Athletes: A Q&A with Physical Therapist Matt Erbe

OrthoCarolina, helping to keep your favorite team on the field. 

Curling in Charlotte NC

Curling in the Carolinas

More like a chess match than ice hockey, curling is catching on in the Carolinas.

National Park Hikes

Top National Park Day Hikes From Charlotte

From the Frasier fir and Norway spruce-clad peaks of the Smokies to the bald cypress and tupelo-covered floodplain of Congaree, surprising biodiversity awaits you in the National Park sites just a day’s drive from Charlotte.

New Orleans Saints

Doctor’s Playbook: How an Orthopedic Fellow Went on to Lead Medical Care for the New Orleans Saints

A year ago, Larry “Chip” Bankston was sitting in the stands of the Superdome, cheering on the saints. He was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he still lives with his wife and two young children. Now the official team physician to the New Orleans Saints, Dr. Bankston is on the sidelines of every home game and on the road with the team, where he is laser focused on his job: providing the highest level of care to some of the NFL’s best athletes.

Charlotte Hounds Lacrosse Player

A Top Dog’s Return: How a Charlotte Hounds Lacrosse Player Came Back from a Nearly Career-Ending Knee Injury

Ryan Flanagan, a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and professional lacrosse player has had his fair share of injuries throughout his career but none like his latest. During a mid-season game against Denver in July 2016, he was defending the goal when an opposing player dove through the crease and crashed into Flanagan -- putting his whole professional career in jeopardy.

Physical Therapy - OC

Tips From Our Physical Therapists

National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM) occurs every October and celebrates the physical therapy (PT) profession and it impact on patients. PTs assist people of all ages and abilities, maximizing their movement and actively participating in a patient’s recovery. Thank you to all our PTs for everything that they do!


#YouImprovedChat: Staying Active with a Busy Schedule

Many of us have a lot on our plate when it comes to the day-to-day. We work hard, and we play hard. Or try to, anyway. Aaron Hewitt, PA-C is a physician assistant with OrthoCarolina who works long hours, but loves his job. Outside the clinic, he thrives on keeping his body active and staying healthy. You can typically find him at CrossFit, doing yoga, or running (even marathons!). Aaron joined us for a Twitter chat and took your questions, offering his best advice on how to incorporate activity into your daily routine. If you missed the chat, here’s what he had to say.

Swimming - Pool

Five Exercises for the Swimming Athlete to Complete Out of the Water

Swimming for the high school and collegiate athlete is a year-round commitment that demands hours in the pool each week. Here are five exercises that target mobility of the shoulder and upper back, strength of the rotator cuff and surrounding core muscles.

Hear it from an Athletic Trainer: Why Warming Up is a Crucial Piece in Your Soccer Training Plan

Hear it from an Athletic Trainer: Why Warming Up is a Crucial Piece in Your Soccer Training Plan

If you could increase your soccer skill level efficiency, drastically reduce your chance of injury, and help your body feel better before and after soccer, would you want to know how?

football team

What to Know About Football Injury Prevention at the High School & College Level

Is it ever too early to start talking about football? No way!

Yoga Poses

The 12 Days of Yoga Holiday Workout

Our orthopedic experts are fans of incorporating yoga postures to strengthen and stretch tight muscle groups.

Using a Foam Roller


How does foam rolling help runners?

National Physical Therapy Month

National Physical Therapy Month: What Our Patients Say

Below are some comments from our patients about their OrthoCarolina physical therapy experience. We are grateful for our PTs, their service and hard work!