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Exploring the Vital Role of Hand Therapists in Enhancing Recovery and Functionality through OrthoCarolina Chapter Publication

Led by our Hand Therapy fellowship coordinator, Stacy Rumfelt, alongside Teresa Mintz and former fellow Ashley Brooks, the chapter, "Rehabilitation and Orthoses for Adult Hand Fractures" discusses the importance of therapy and the role of a hand therapist in the treatment of hand fractures.

OrthoCarolina Hand experts had a prominent hand in the book itself, "Pediatric Adult and Hand Fractures," as it was edited by Hand Surgeon and OrthoCarolina's Hand Surgery Fellowship Director Dr. Glenn Gaston! The chapter that Stacy, Teresa, and Ashley wrote emphasizes that hand fractures are common yet intricate injuries that can have a profound impact on a person's physical, emotional, and financial well-being. It is crucial to have a skilled hand therapist in guiding patients through the healing process, whether it involves surgery or non-surgical treatment, to achieve optimal recovery and restore normal function.

This publication not only showcases their expertise but also reflects the Hand Fellowship's unwavering dedication to improving the treatment of hand fractures. It exemplifies the passion and commitment of our team members to engage in scholarly activities and advance our profession.

We are thrilled to celebrate this accomplishment and remain dedicated to fostering a culture of teamwork, excellence, and innovation within our hand therapy fellowship program.

For more information on the Hand Therapy Fellowship program, click here.

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