Hand & Upper Extremity fellowship

The OrthoCarolina hand and upper extremity fellowship covers all elements of hand and wrist pathology from "bread and butter" to complex conditions. We provide sole hand call coverage for all of the greater Charlotte area, central North Carolina as well as sections of northern South Carolina including Carolinas Medical Center Level 1 trauma center. We perform hand and wrist surgery on the full spectrum of society from newborn to elderly, professional athletes to weekend warriors, and from the brachial plexus to the fingertips. We routinely do arthroscopy of the wrist and hand as well as arthroplasty of the wrist, DRUJ, and small joints of the digits. The volume of the program is far beyond what three fellows are capable of covering as we average over 50,000 patient visits and over 6,000 surgeries per year at the OrthoCarolina Hand Center.

At OrthoCarolina we believe that not all fellows should be trained identically. Fellows arrive with different backgrounds (ortho, plastics, or general surgery) and have different strengths and weaknesses within given fields. Because of this, we tailor each fellows’ year to their individual needs and goals. The four months of elective time truly allows this to occur in the final third of the academic year. If a fellow desires more exposure to congenital, shoulder surgery, or brachial plexus for instance, either due to a feeling of deficiency or the demands of their future job, they have the flexibility to focus additional time on those areas of upper extremity reconstruction.

Lastly, the experience here is made more special by the experiences outside of work. Fellows and staff enjoy time together socially including sporting events (Panthers games, Hornet’s games, Knights games, NASCAR), trips to Dr. Gaston’s farm, Dr. Gaul’s mountain house, and golfing at area Country Clubs.

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