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Celebrating Women Physicians at OrthoCarolina Through Women Physician Month

Empowering Orthopedics: Honoring the Trailblazing Women of OrthoCarolina

OrthoCarolina proudly acknowledges and celebrates the remarkable contributions of our eight talented women physicians. This month-long recognition extends beyond February, emphasizing the invaluable role these women play in orthopedics. By breaking barriers and inspiring others, they serve as beacons of inspiration.

Although women constitute less than 8% of all orthopedic surgeons, the field is experiencing a growing interest in women orthopedic physicians. As more women embark on careers in orthopedic surgery, we are honored to showcase our powerhouse women as examples and inspiration for their futures.

Meet OrthoCarolina's Powerful Women Physicians

With a deep commitment to mission work in Fiji and serving as a mentor for aspiring women orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Julie Woodside's experiences continue to grow her love for hand orthopedics. This sprung during her residency in Charlotte where she had inspiring and influential surgeons, such as OrthoCarolina's own Dr. Glen Gaston, encouraging her in a field of few women surgeons. As she continuously learns through conferences and research, Dr. Woodside encourages aspiring women orthopedic surgeons to break the barriers and advance the field of orthopedics.

Dr. Alicia Lazeski's passion for physiatry is driven by cherishing the joy of restoring patients' abilities to engage in the activities they love. Dr. Lazeski finds fulfillment in helping individuals recover through non-surgical interventions, enabling them to reclaim the meaningful aspects of their lives. As a former athlete, she's passionate about helping people get back to their everyday lives through physiatry and educating the next generation about the benefits of it as well.

Coming from 3 generations of physicians, Dr. Virginia Casey has known she wanted to be a surgeon since she was 15. By mentoring young doctors through programs like the Perry Initiative and within OrthoCarolina's Recruitment Retention Committee, Dr. Casey is dedicated to encouraging the next generation of women orthopedists. On a global scale, her impactful presence on the board of SOAP showcases her commitment to enhancing healthcare in Tanzania by providing resources and fostering adaptability among local surgeons.

"Dr Gantt is an outstanding doctor in her field. I’ve been a patient of hers for more than 15 years. She is very caring, compassionate, and well-educated. But, most of all she cares about her patients. She cares about her patient’s family. She always takes time to check on all aspects of her patient’s lives. I would recommend her to anyone with problems with their hands, arms, etc. She has an awesome bedside manner. Her warmth radiates through her smile & she truly loves her profession but more than that; she loves her patients & their well-being."

During her student medical rotation, Dr. Patricia McHale was drawn toward the orthopedic surgeon's enthusiasm and happiness, solidifying her decision to pursue orthopedics. Working with the athletes at North Gaston High School and getting them back onto the field, continues to motivate Dr. McHale to advance this field for future women orthopedic surgeons. Inspired by the ever-changing research and education in orthopedics, Dr. McHale's desire to learn ensures that she provides the highest standard of care for her patients.

"Empowering. Thoughtful. Caring. Strong...Those are just a few words that describe Dr. Hannah Messer. The devotion and support that she gives to not only her patients but colleagues as well, is impeccable and unlike any other physician that I have worked with. Her patients love her because she listens to them. I have heard them say "It's like talking to a friend during my appointment." She is the epitome of what a "Girl Boss" should be. It is an honor to be her Medical Assistant and to call her a friend."- Rebecca Surratt Eldridge, CMA (AAMA)

"Dr. Julia Bulkeley is headstrong, determined, and confident. Dr. Bulkeley is knowledgeable and always willing to teach. She encourages those around her to participate and learn. She has been a great mentor to me in my time here and has expanded my knowledge in many ways. Dr. Bulkeley has a boisterous personality that fills the space around her. She is kind-hearted, professional, and witty all at the same time. Her patients, kids, and adults alike, love her humor and sincerity. One of the qualities that stands out is her willingness to jump in and help any colleague in need. Dr. Bulkeley leads our team confidently and ensures equality throughout the workplace. In this demanding male-dominated field Dr. Bulkeley stands tall. She is a role model for aspiring women in the medical field. I thoroughly enjoy my days working with her and how smoothly our team runs. Everyone here would agree that we love our Dr. B." - Reagan Skipper, LPN 

"Dr. Fletcher was able to give me back my smile and tranquility, the warmth with which they receive and treat you is spectacular! It was undoubtedly an experience that I would like to remember."

'Fempowering' Orthopedics

OrthoCarolina's celebration of Women Physician's Month is not only a recognition of their talent but also a commitment to promoting inclusivity within the orthopedic community. These eight accomplished physicians stand as inspiring role models, creating motivation for aspiring women medical professionals of the future.

We would love to hear about your experience with these physicians. Click the name of the physician you would like to leave a review for: Dr. Woodside, Dr. Lazeski, Dr. Casey, Dr. Gantt, Dr. McHale, Dr. Messer, Dr. Bulkeley, Dr. Fletcher

Resources for Aspiring Women Physicians:

Overcoming obstacles can sometimes take a lot of effort and in the spirit of assisting, we've rounded up some resources for aspiring women physicians:

The Perry Initiative provides valuable support for women aspiring to enter the orthopedic field. This initiative is a leading resource that offers guidance, hands-on experiences, and scholarships for women passionate about orthopedics and engineering. To learn more about The Perry Initiative, click here.

Nth Dimensions aims to increase diversity in the medical field. They provide programs for early introduction to orthopedics and education as well as scholarships and mentorship programs for women and minorities interested in pursuing a career in orthopedics. To learn more about the Nth Dimension, click here.

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