Cortisone Injections for Runners

Cortisone Injections for Runners: Yea or Nay?

Cortisone is a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory delivered through an injection that goes directly to the site of inflammation in your body.

Soccer OrthoCarolina

A Shot at a Full Comeback: How One Soccer Player Beat the Dreaded ACL Injury

Female athletes have been known to have a higher risk of injuring their anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, while participating in competitive sports. McKaley Boston knows that pain all too well. This is her comeback story.

5 Tips to Protect Youth Athletes from Foot Injuries

5 Tips to Protect Youth Athletes from Foot Injuries

Most sports-related foot injuries are preventable. Here are 5 simple tips to help protect your youth athletes from foot and ankle injuries.

Tommy John Surgery

What Is Tommy John Surgery?

Notorious in baseball players, Tommy John injuries, or Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) injuries, can cause significant pain, decreased strength and mobility loss. There are two surgical options available for athletes who suffer from a Tommy John ligament injury.

3 Signs of an Overuse Injury

3 Signs of an Overuse Injury

Overuse injuries are extremely common and will happen to most people at some time or other. Recognizing the early signs of an overuse injury can help you avoid pain and excess downtime.


Stumptown AC Signs Partnership With OrthoCarolina

Stumptown AC has signed with OrthoCarolina to be its Official Healthcare provider for the remainder of the spring season with continuing discussions as a long-term partner for future seasons.

OrthoCarolina & OCRI Published Largest Study in Female Distal Bicep Repair to Date

OrthoCarolina & OCRI Published Largest Study in Female Distal Bicep Repair to Date

Together with the OrthoCarolina Research Institute, OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center physicians embarked on a research project to study distal bicep repair specifically in women, the largest published study of its kind.

Knee MRI's and Meniscus Lesions with Dr. Saltzman on the Nailed It Orthopaedic Podcast

Knee MRI's and Meniscus Lesions with Dr. Saltzman on the Nailed It Orthopaedic Podcast

Listen to OrthoCarolina's Dr. Bryan Saltzman as he breaks down how to read a knee MRI  and the science behind the operative treatment of meniscus lesions.

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Kevin Donnalley

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Kevin Donnalley

In this episode of "Stories of Resilience" with the Carolina Panthers,  offensive guard Kevin Donnalley & Dr. Connor discuss his 2002 ACL tear.

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Mike Rucker

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Mike Rucker

In this episode of "Stories of Resilience" with the Carolina Panthers, defensive end Mike Rucker & Dr. Connor discuss his 2006 ACL tear.

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Jordan Gross

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Jordan Gross

Years after shattering his right leg, Carolina Panthers Hall of Famer Jordan Gross shares how OrthoCarolina's Dr. Pat Connor played a crucial part in his recovery.

Heading the Ball in Soccer: Is It Safe?

Heading the Ball in Soccer: Is It Safe?

Head injuries come with high stakes as even mild concussions can have serious consequences. Dr. Jonathan Riboh, orthopedic surgeon and youth sports medicine specialist, addresses what to consider to practice purposeful heading in soccer.

How to Prevent Soccer Injuries

How to Prevent Soccer Injuries

As sports medicine physicians, we believe the best way to treat injuries is to prevent them in the first place. In just 40 minutes a week, athletes can reduce their risk of injury by as much as 50 percent.

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Jake Delhomme

Stories of Resilience with Dr. Connor & Jake Delhomme

In this first episode of "Stories of Resilience" with the Carolina Panthers, we take it back to the Jake Delhomme era. Hear about the play that forced him off the field & his incredible return to QB stardom.

Benefits of Telemedicine Appointments | Virtual Doctor's Appointments

Benefits of Telemedicine Video Visits

Telemedicine offers key advantages to keep patients and medical providers connected.

Telemedicine Appointments | Virtual Doctor's Appointments on Your Phone

Telemedicine Video Visits Now Available

Have a video visit with your doctor today!

Orthobiologics with Dr. Saltzman on the OrthoPAcPodcast

Orthobiologics with Dr. Saltzman on the OrthoPAcPodcast

Listen to Dr. Bryan Saltzman from OrthoCarolina break down the medicine and science behind Orthobiologics and Regenerative Medicine. Commonly referred to as 'Stem Cell Therapy', Dr. Saltzman shares his research and evidence-based insights on this popular consumer topic.
This 3-part series is part of the orthoPAc Podcast, hosted by Sam Dyer, PA-C. learn more at

Making Sense of Orthobiologics: An Explanation

Making Sense of Orthobiologics: An Explanation

Watch Dr. Bryan Saltzman give a detailed and educational talk on the current status of orthobiologics and regenerative medicine in Sports Medicine. In partnership with the Physician Assistants in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Athletic Injuries

Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Athletic Injuries

Our panel of sports medicine specialists look at the causes and treatments of common sports injuries including ACL and meniscus tears, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tears and more in this edition of our Orthopedic Anatomy Series: Exploring Your Body from the Inside Out.

PA-C - Physician Assistant

What Is IT Band Syndrome?

Although IT band injuries come on quickly, they typically result from an existing muscle imbalance as opposed to an acute injury.

ACL Injuries 101 – What Is ACL Reconstruction?

ACL Injuries 101 – What Is ACL Reconstruction?

Unfortunately, the ACL cannot heal itself once torn. ACL reconstruction surgery can help patients return to the sports and physical activities they love after a serious injury.

OrthoCarolina Welcomes New Physicians

OrthoCarolina Welcomes New Physicians

Jonathan C. Riboh, MD, joins OrthoCarolina's Sports Medicine Center, Cartilage Restoration Institute and South Park location; Matthew C. Wendt, MD, joins OrthoCarolina Rock Hill.

Are You "Hip" to Your Knee Pain?

Are You "Hip" to Your Knee Pain?

While the knee joint is the most typical source of knee pain, the hip joint is a common culprit and the next most likely cause of pain.

Cartilage 101 - Repair Basics Sportology

Cartilage 101 - Repair Basics Sportology

A few years back, I injured my knee. The doctor had to take out my cartilage because of a joint injury. I managed to rehab it back a bit, but I injured again a year ago and all I want to do is compete as a runner again. I was a bit disheartened with the news I got at the doctor. But why can't I run like I used to? What can be done.I made this video for everyone out there who has joint pain because of cartilage lose. I wanted to know what could be done and this is my attempt to spread the knowledge.A big thank you to Dr. Fleischli at OrthoCarolina for taking the time to walk me through the basics here. I will say, this is one of THE guys here in town for your cartilage problems. He's doing a bunch of great research on it as well, and it's really interesting stuff.

Cartilage 101 | What is Cartilage Restoration | Knee pain

Cartilage 101 – What is Cartilage Restoration?

Through cartilage restoration procedures, damaged or injured cartilage can be replaced with new, healthy tissue. What is cartilage restoration and how does it work?

Cartilage 101 - Basics Sportology

Cartilage 101 - Basics Sportology

Do your joints feel a bit tender? Is it your cartilage or some sort of ligament problem? If its cartilage, you better know the basics of this tissue so that you don't injure yourself permanently. We made this video to give you the very basics of your cartilage. I hope it helps extend your life in sport or keep you from having to have a joint replacement down the line.

Online Scheduling FAQs | OrthoCarolina Scheduling Online Appointments

Scheduling Your Appointment Online with OrthoCarolina

Save time and book your care, your way. With online scheduling, your personalized orthopedic care is only a few clicks away.

Cartilage 101 | Healthy Cartilage | OrthoCarolina Orthopedic Library

Cartilage 101 – Is My Cartilage Healthy?

Healthy articular (joint) cartilage cushions our joints and ensures they can bend and straighten fluidly and without pain. What causes cartilage damage and how can you prevent it from happening?

Cartilage 101 | What is Cartilage | OrthoCarolina Orthopedic Library

Cartilage 101 – What Is Cartilage and What Does It Do?

We often hear about the importance of cartilage to protect our joints. But what exactly is cartilage, and how does it keep our joints healthy?

College Sports During a Pandemic | Basketball team cheering

College Athletics During a Pandemic

PA Jeffrey Dabkowski explores the unique challenges of managing Davidson College's NCAA Division 1 student-athletes from afar.

Davidson College OrthoCarolina | Caring for the Country's Top College Athletes

Behind the Scenes of Caring For Some of the Country’s Top College Athletes

PA Jeffrey Dabkowski invites us to learn how he keeps Davidson College’s basketball team healthy at home and on the road.

Shoulder Impingement scan on an a tablet

Shoulder Impingement: What It Is and How to Fix It

Just above your rotator cuff, you have a fluid-filled sac called a bursa. The job of the bursa is to provide a cushion between tendons and bones. Bursa can become inflamed which can cause pain.

OrthoCarolina Video

Knee Health with OrthoCarolina

Good Day asks the questions you want answered about your knees with the help of OrthoCarolina.

Painful Truth: What Students need to know about the opioid crisis

LISTEN NOW - Painful Truth: What Students Need to Know About the Opioid Crisis

Physicians, parents and former professional football players came together to address the opioid crisis and what students should know. This powerful one-night event is now available via podcast.

What you probably don't know about orthobiologics

What You Probably Don’t Know About Orthobiologics

Orthobiologics -- which you may hear referred to as biologics, cell-based therapy, regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy -- are derived from substances that naturally exist in the body.

Bicycling Does Sweating Profusely Mean You Get a Better Workout?

Finishing every workout drenched is a good thing right? Well, maybe. Sports medicine experts explain. 

Seven Physicians Join OrthoCarolina

Seven Physicians Join OrthoCarolina

Charlotte-headquartered OrthoCarolina has hired seven doctors in its offices across the Carolinas, bringing its total number of physicians to 141. The new providers will help fill growing needs in specific markets and orthopedic specialties.

Behind the Scenes at Panthers Training Camp

Behind the Scenes at Panthers Training Camp

National Football League (NFL) games are exciting, and they can be brutal. No matter how coordinated and logistical the plays, the naturally aggressive nature of the sport leaves athletes at constant risk of injury.

Inside Carolina Panthers Training Camp

Insights From Panthers Training Camp with the Head Team Physician

Going into his twenty-third season with the Carolina Panthers, Head Team Physician Dr. Patrick Connor gives some insight into what happened during the offseason.

Head Physician for Panthers

Panthers team physician Pat Connor has performed crucial surgeries. But one repair in his career stands out.

The Athletic recently interviewed OrthoCarolina surgeon and Carolina Panthers Head Team Physician Dr. Patrick Connor.

OrthoCarolina Physicians Win 2019 Top Doctor Honors

OrthoCarolina Physicians Win 2019 Top Doctor Honors

OrthoCarolina physicians were honored for their premier patient care receiving Charlotte magazine Top Doctor awards.

White Water Center

Trail Running Tips

In hot summer months, many runners are ready to trade in the pavement for a shady trail run.

Training For Your Next Race With OrthoCarolina

Training For Your Next Race With OrthoCarolina

From training plans to learning how to properly foam roll, OrthoCarolina has your back as you prepare for your first or next race!

Video - ACL Tears for Women

ACL Tears for Women - Why Female Soccer Players Are 6 Times More Likely to Become Injured

Sports medicine specialist Margaret Lynch, PA-C, joins FOX 46 to discuss to the commonality of ACL tears and how to prevent them.

Dr. Robert Heyer

Carolina Panthers Team Physicians Present at Football and Sports Medicine Conference

Over the weekend of March 31 in Nashville, Carolina Panthers team physicians were part of a meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine (AOSSM) that focused on football and sports medicine at all levels from youth to the National Football League (NFL).

Your Guide to Running Race Etiquette

Running Race Etiquette

Occasionally poor runner’s etiquette can get in the way of having a good race day experience. Here are a few helpful tips whether you’ve never run a race before or are a seasoned competitor. 

Labrum OrthoCarolina

Almost to Failure: How a Power Lifter Overcame Devastating Injury to Compete Again

Jennifer Thompson has been a power lifter since 1999. She’s 45 now, but notes what most people don’t know about a sport that can sometimes seem mysterious is that humans actually have the capacity to continue to gain muscle and strength well into their 50s.

30-Second Stretching

The 30-Second Stretching Rule

It’s common to see runners and other athletes prepare for training by quickly touching their toes or stretching their quads. But how long should you really be holding a stretch?

X-Ray Image

​I Chose to Become a Doctor Because...

For many physicians, taking care of others is their life’s work and the ultimate calling. In honor of Doctors’ Day on March 30, we asked our doctors why they chose the medical field.

Carolina Panthers OrthoCarolina

Six Things We Learned About the NFL Combine from the Panthers’ Head Team Physician

The medical knowledge gleaned from the NFL Combine (which itself was started by physicians) will inform the draft. 

Q&A with Physical Therapist Team

Physicals for College Athletes: A Q&A with Physical Therapist Matt Erbe

OrthoCarolina, helping to keep your favorite team on the field. 

Tony Connot Physicians assistant orthocarolina employee of the year

Team OrthoCarolina - 2018 Catalyst Award Winners

OrthoCarolina's Catalyst Awards honor teammates who embody our mission to Make Lives Better. Meet our 2018 global award winners.

Connor OrthoCarolina Panthers

An Interview with Dr. Pat Connor - the Carolina Panthers Head Team Physician

The commotion and action on the sidelines on any given Carolina Panthers game day can make it difficult to spot Dr. Pat Connor, but he’s there.

Jeff Dabkowski, PA-C

Meet the PA: Jeff Dabkowski, PA-C

Meet the PA: Jeff Dabkowski, PA-C at the OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center

Medical Breakthroughs at OrthoCarolina

Medical Breakthroughs at OrthoCarolina

Explore pioneering medical breakthroughs changing our lives and meet the doctors behind them. On the front lines of your health are tales of desperation, determination and human triumph-from a safer way to manage pain after surgery to groundbreaking techniques that make surgery unnecessary.

Charlotte Top Doctors

17 OrthoCarolina Physicians Named Charlotte magazine Top Doctor

Each year, Charlotte magazine releases a list of Top Doctors in Charlotte and we're proud to have 17 OrthoCarolina providers represented as the best in the city.

Lake Norman State Park

The Insider’s Guide to Lake Norman State Park

Some of Lake Norman State Park is home to some of the best mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, hiking, and camping in the region.

What is a stress fracture?

What is a stress fracture?

Stress fractures are common injuries for runners with pain starting as they begin to run and progressively becoming more painful and localized.

Caroline Horne

From Two ACL Tears to West Point - Patient Caroline Horne

Two ACL tears in less than a year would be difficult to come back from for most. But with hard work and a positive attitude, Charlottean Caroline Horne didn't just recover from her two ACL tears - she thrived. Learn more about how Caroline went from double injury to successful West Point student with the help of OrthoCarolina's medical team.

Erin Lingle

Athlete Learns a Focus on Self-Care and Mindfulness Pave the Road to Recovery

Training for a marathon, Erin Lingle was used to pushing through the pain, but a hip surgery re-centered her focus.

Meet the PA: Margaret Lynch

Meet the PA: Margaret Lynch, PA-C

Meet Margaret Lynch, PA-C, OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine.

Dr. James Fleischli joins a national group of researching physicians.

Leading research group welcomes OrthoCarolina Cartilage Restoration Physician

Dr. James Fleischli joins a national group of researching physicians.


4 Fantastic Waterfalls Within a 2-Hour Drive of Charlotte

Staying active in the peak of the Charlotte summer is tough. The humidity on those steamy, Southern days feels like a backpack, weighing you down while you hike or run. Finding the trails that offer some respite is an essential strategy for outdoor enthusiasts here.

Dr. Patrick Connor

What’s the Latest Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injuries?

Rotator cuff tendon tears affect more than four million people annually in the U.S. and are the most common source of shoulder pain and disability. Dr. Patrick Connor of the OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center, team physician to the Carolina Panthers, is pioneering the use of a breakthrough technology designed as a new option for millions of people suffering from rotator cuff tendon tears in the shoulder joint.

football team

What to Know About Football Injury Prevention at the High School & College Level

Is it ever too early to start talking about football? No way!

water glass for weight loss

What a Physician Assistant Tells His Patients about Weight Loss

Every day I have to have difficult conversations with patients.

Becker's Orthopedic Review

Orthopedic surgeon leader to know: Dr. James Fleischli of OrthoCarolina

He serves as head team physician for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and as an orthopedic physician for several NASCAR teams.

Yoga Poses

The 12 Days of Yoga Holiday Workout

Our orthopedic experts are fans of incorporating yoga postures to strengthen and stretch tight muscle groups.

Running a Race

Recovering from the Marathon Blues

If you’re feeling lost post-race, here is some advice to manage the weeks ahead.

X-ray Machine

Focus on Radiology: Frequently Asked X-Ray Questions

X-rays are a type of imaging technique that we use to diagnose injuries or issues in the bones so that your doctor can plan a course of treatment.

Marathon Runner

Marathon Prep Tips

With each marathon, I’ve learned tips to help me be as prepared as possible to run. Here are my top learnings.

OrthoCarolina Coaches Symposium

OrthoCarolina Coaches Symposium

CMS Athletic Directors and coaches gathered for the OrthoCarolina 2nd Annual Coaches Symposium at The NASCAR Hall of Fame in uptown Charlotte on Monday, October 31st.

Workout Routine

Building on Your Workout Routine: Top Tips for Strength Training

From bodybuilding to CrossFit, from barre workouts to bodyweight workouts, from free weights to machines, the options for weight lifting and strength training are almost denser than muscle mass itself.


Pushing Limits: lululemon® Adventure

But to make progress you must keep moving, excuses don’t help you reach goals. I took this mentality with me as I boarded the plane. I was going to have to push my body mentally and physically to get through the next three days.


Rest to Run Better

Here are a few guidelines to ensure your body is getting the rest it needs.

Aha Moment in Mountains

OrthoCarolina's Aaron Hewitt: Small Steps to Big Life Changes

Approximately eight years ago, Aaron Hewitt, physician assistant manager at OrthoCarolina’s Sports Medicine Center, experienced what he calls his “aha moment.”


The Cartilage Restoration Institute

Articular Cartilage Restoration at OrthoCarolina

Cartilage Restoration - Video

Cartilage Restoration at OrthoCarolina

Every day people injure the cartilage in their knees, shoulders and other joints.

Running Drills

Group Running Drills: How Can They Help You?

Plus, three drills to try on your own

Hamstring Stretching with Aaron Hewitt PA-C

Pre-Run Warm-Up: How to Properly Get Your Body Prepared to Run

Warming up your body properly can increase running performance and reduce the chance of injury.


Take Your Run on Vacation

The runner’s wave is a universal welcoming language.

D1 - Training Facility

Football player beats the odds to get back to his team

Multiple injuries, including ligament tears and foot drop, leave Alec Parsons on the sidelines

Running Partners

4 things to do before you lace up this running season

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed temperatures rising and hours of daylight getting longer. That means running season is in stride and fun races are just around the corner.

Aaron Hewitt

Meet Aaron. OC Loves to Run

Aaron Hewitt, Physician Assistant - Sports Medicine, Cartilage Restoration

Train like an NFL Player

Train Like an NFL Player to Improve your Run

Before working at OrthoCarolina, I was an athletic trainer for the Minnesota Vikings.

Cross Training with Aaron

Do You Know Tabata?

You can do anything for 20 seconds, right? No sweat. But, have you met Tabata?

Physician at NFL

Ten Things to Know about Being a Physician to an NFL Team

Dr. Patrick Connor, Head Team Physician of the Carolina Panthers, offers his perspective

Warren's Story

How recovering from an ACL tear is as much mental as it is physical: Warren’s Story

When an athlete gets injured, we tend to focus on the physical aspects: What was hurt, the surgery, and when can the athlete get back on the field or court...


Running reflections as I turn 40

I turn 40 today. Last weekend, I ran a marathon trying to break four hours...

Cortisone and Healing - An overview of the science

Cortisone and Healing - An overview of the science

There is no denying that cortisone reduces pain and swelling. Because of that a lot of cortisone shots have been given to help people healing from joint injuries. But just because you get immediate pain relief doesn’t mean it’s helps your joint heal.

crossfit rings

CrossFit Injuries: The Big Ones

As a medical provider who sees a lot of CrossFit patients (and is a CrossFitter as well), I'm frequently asked about shoulder and knee injuries.

Gauging an Injury: An Update on NASCAR‘s Nate Bolling

Gauging an Injury: An Update on NASCAR‘s Nate Bolling

Denny Hamlin’s Jackman on the Mend

The Burpee

Royal H. Burpee Was a Real Person

And Where Burpees Come From

Panther Logo

13 Significant Carolina Panthers Injuries

When it comes to the NFL, injury prevention and care are paramount for coaches, players and teams. From pre-season to the Super Bowl; from serious and downright gruesome, football injuries can profoundly impact a team’s season

Cross-training with Aaron

Females and CrossFit

Strength training is so often ignored by females.

Cross Training

Why I Used to Grunt When Putting on my Socks

Four years ago, I was not healthy. I was eating pizza and burgers 3-4 times a week and drinking too much beer and soda. Sure, we like to indulge sometimes, but I was not healthy. I peaked at 190 pounds, which is a lot for me, after a Christmas vacation with my buddies – and I felt depressed about my overall health.

Diane Lancaster and Friends from Marathon race

Diane Had Knee Surgery. And Then Ran the Boston Marathon in 3:39.

At 49, Diane Lancaster’s health resume is already impressive. She’s a runner, fitness instructor, triathlete, former collegiate athlete and registered dietician. She had run 5 Boston Marathons and was preparing for her sixth in 2014.

Cross Training with Aaron

Functional Movement and CrossFit

Functional movements sound complicated but they’re just natural, compound body movements that use multiple joints in your body.

Cross-Training with Aaron from OrthoCarolina

High-Intensity Exercise Part II: Some common injuries

High-intensity interval training is typically done at around 80-95% of your maximal aerobic capacity. It’s important to start slow and progress bit by bit when participating in HIIT training or any type of intense exercise.

Cross-Training with Aaron

High-Intensity Exercise Part I: When it comes to exercise, can less actually be more?

You've likely heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a type of workout that isn't totally new, but is increasingly popular and can be confusing because there are so many types.

Cross-Training with Aaron

So what exactly is CrossFit? I hear that quite a lot...

CrossFit seems to be everywhere yet still mystifies so many people.

OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center

OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center

Our Sports Medicine Center of Excellence