OrthoCarolina: How to make the most out of physical therapy

How to Make the Most Out of Physical Therapy: 10 Tips

We sourced 10 well-rounded tips for making the most of your time in physical therapy.  That's physical therapy done better.

Operating Room OrthoCarolina

Trigger Finger & Carpal Tunnel Prevention, Symptoms & Treatment

Simple, everyday choices can help relieve hand pain and prevent overuse injuries like trigger finger and carpal tunnel. Learn helpful tips, common symptoms to watch out for and what to expect if you're considering surgery. 

Always Tired? Here's how to fix it.

Always Tired? A Few Reasons Why & How To Fix It

Living with chronic fatigue? Find out what the cause could be and how to fix it.

occupational therapy - OrthoCarolina

What Is Occupational Therapy & Who Is It For?

Occupational therapy practitioners enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health, and prevent—or live better with—injury, illness, or disability.

OrthoCarolina virtual therapy and virtual appointments

Virtual Therapy: What to Expect

Through virtual therapy, patients can progress toward their physical or hand-therapy and pain-management goals with support from their therapist, all while minimizing social contact.

Post Shoulder Surgery

How to Prepare for Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Having surgery is never easy, but being ready at home can help reduce anxiety for the post-op experience and make you more comfortable after shoulder surgery.

Ankle stability balance exercises stretches

Improving Balance for All Ages: Focusing on Ankle Stability

Balance plays an important role in preventing injuries, maintaining mobility and supporting good posture. These simple stretches and exercises will help strengthen your ankle muscles to promote balance and coordination.

How Physical Therapy Supports Your Long-Term Health

How Physical Therapy Supports Your Long-Term Health

Whether preventing or rehabilitating an injury or other physical condition, physical therapy plays an important part in long-term health. Physical therapists use exercise, massage, stretching and other techniques to help patients of all ages improve mobility, manage pain and restore proper function.

7 Secrets You Should Know About the Importance of Going to physical therapy

7 Secrets You Should Know About the Importance of Going to Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a key component of the healing process for many people. Though being patient through the therapy process and being diligent about sticking to a therapy plan may at times feel challenging, it pays off in the long run when it comes to recovery.

Physical Therapist Lands on ESPN Lacrosse Documentary

OrthoCarolina Physical Therapist Lands on ESPN Lacrosse Documentary

Caring for patients by day, Shaun Riney spends evenings and weekends as an assistant coach on a lacrosse team whose unlikely players made them the subject of an ESPN documentary.

Rotator Cuff

​How to Know If You Might Have a Rotator Cuff Issue

Rotator cuff issues are a common culprit of shoulder pain. Four muscles make up the rotator cuff and keep the head of the upper arm bone in its socket, enabling it to work. Those muscles turn into tendons that attach near the head, which is the ball of your shoulder, a ball-and-socket joint.


En Pointe: Ballet Injury Prevention (with Sample Warm-ups)

Ballet dancers do all types of dance including ballet, jazz, modern and tap, and all usually require about 20-30 hours of practice a week depending on level. Due to long hours of practice dancers are prone to overuse or chronic injuries.

Outdoor Adventures in the Queen City

3 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Queen City

Dr. David Anderson, an orthopedic surgeon with OrthoCarolina, has a philosophy about our modern ethos.

"We all work a little too much," he says. “We spend too much time inside, glued to computer screens and mobile devices.”


Test Your Running Shoes

Runners are often quick to blame shoes for injuries, and although not always the case, a properly functioning running shoe is important.

Aaron Hall

Meet Aaron Hall. He likes to Run.

“Running allows my mind to relax before the stress of the day begins.”

Marathon Runner

Staying a Step Ahead: Marathon Training Schedule Tips

Crossing the finish line of your first marathon is an exhilarating experience.