Care Ring Hope For Community Health Luncheon powered by OrthoCarolina

Here OrthoCarolina CEO, Dr. Bruce Cohen is outlining our commitment to the local community via our partnership and support of Care Ring.

WalkCLT 2017 in FreeMoreWest

WalkCLT is an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the role that walking can play as a mode of transportation and the many social, environmental, and economic benefits walking generates for ourselves and our community.

Trail Running In Asheville

Video powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with

Tuck Fest - US National Whitewater Center

Tuck Fest is a three-day festival that celebrates the outdoor lifestyle through competitions, exhibitions, demos, and live music at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The festival features a variety of outdoor sport competitions that include trail running, kayaking, biking, climbing, swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, and adventure racing. The name “Tuck Fest” comes from the Tuckaseegee Ford and Trail, a historical landmark located at the USNWC -- Video powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with

Certified Medical Assists Excelling at OrthoCarolina!

See how our wonderful team of Certified Medical Assistants is helping OrthoCarolina deliver top quality care every day!

YMCA of Catawba Valley Soccer Club (YCVSC) & OrthoCarolina

OrthoCarolina is committed to supporting our local community. Check out our partnership in Hickory with the YCVSC Eagles...

Roan Mountain Hike Asheville

Hiking Roan Mountain in Asheville. ... powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with

Workout to Win Contest

Beginning December 1, 2016, we challenge you to break a sweat, get creative and have a chance to win some great prizes. “Dodge”, a local Charlottean on a quest to get fit, will show you the ropes as he gets the blood flowing and tries out #TheFreeWorkout himself.

Eastern Slickrock Ride Asheville

Riding Slickrock at Dupont State Recreation Area. ... powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with

No more pickaxing? Say it ain't so doc...

After a shoulder injury, Norm was seen at our University the visit unfold.


Visit for all the details of the community program.

The Future of Private Practice

Key thoughts from OrthoCarolina CEO Dr. Dan Murrey. Successful private practices are focused on the forces driving healthcare today: collaboration and integration, transparency on quality and cost, systems thinking and innovation.

OrthoCarolina Motorsports: Keeping you in the race

Dedicated to keeping you in the race

OrthoCarolina Soccer: Keeping you in the game

Committed to keeping you in the game and proud to support numerous area youth soccer clubs.

Life, it happens.

OrthoCarolina. You. Improved.

OrthoCarolina Classic

The 5th Annual OrthoCarolina Classic