1K Podcast

1K is the 1,000 second, entertainment focused, interview driven podcast. Every episode, host Scott Galloway sits down with a special guest from the entertainment world for exactly 1,000 seconds. Why 1,000 seconds? 1K is affiliated with the 100 Words Film Festival, which was created in 2014 with the mission of democratizing film for all professional and student filmmakers. Both the festival and 1K are a celebration of the concise, a recognition that oftentimes, less is more. In the case of 1K, it also happens to be the perfect length for a morning or afternoon commute. Subscribe to our show wherever you listen to podcasts.

Dr. Jason Norcross on First Talk Business Brief

Dr. Norcross discussing joint replacement and orthopedics with Hal Row on WHKY Radio.

Tiffany Johnson, Dr. Bryan Loeffler and WBT 1110am discussing her positive future

Dr. Bryan Loeffler from OrthoCarolina discussing the revolutionary outcome and amazing future for Tiffany Johnson via her targeted muscle reinnervation surgery.

Dr. Bob Anderson chatting with Foot & Ankle International

Dr. Bob Anderson is one of the world’s top foot and ankle surgeons. He is a leader in the treatment of elite athletes and treats regular patients as well. In this podcast, he discusses turf toe and the hallux valgus deformity.

Dr. Stephan Pill speaking with the Scott Hamilton Show on WSJS - May 1, 2017

Dr. Pill chatting with WSJS about sports injuries and how to manage them on and off the field.

Ken Breath, OrthoCarolina Motorsports on WTBQ

Ken Breath, PT, ATC, LAT, Cert DN is the Manager of Motorsports Outreach for OrthoCarolina Motorsports. He works closely with NASCAR athletes, including rehabbing many of its drivers after various injuries. Listen to what he said about the season ahead, as he offers an insider’s perspective on the medical needs of the rigorous schedule of NASCAR.

Bill Heisel on WTBQ talking about medical care in NASCAR.

Bill Heisel, Director of OrthoCarolina Motorsports, started working with NASCAR teams, drivers and pit crew nearly a decade ago after a conversation with Coach Joe Gibbs about improving medical care in the sport. He talked to WTBQ Radio about orthopedic sports injuries in NASCAR, the teams he has close relationships with, and the exciting 2017 season ahead.

Answering The Bell - Ankle & Foot

Stephania Bell and Carolina Panthers team physician Dr. Bob Anderson discuss the dreaded high ankle sprain, the importance of wider cleats and much more.

#DiscussCLT Podcast

A production of Charlotte Magazine, Andy Goh and Andy Smith take a look at the city's defining issues in conversation with regional leaders and thinkers.

CharlotteFive Podcast

Presented by The Charlotte Observer, This is a weekly podcast that aims to get you Charlotte Smart, Fast with fun, interesting and useful news about the city. It’s hosted by Corey Inscoe and Sarah Crosland.

Blue Skies: Stories That Heal

Blue Skies: Stories That Heal are unique stories of healing from the point of view of the patients and their caregivers to inspire and empower

Primetime Run Club Podcast

A production of WFNZ, Host Chris Kroeger chats up all things running. Guest range from the casual runner to the expert, with some medical suggestions sprinkled in as well! Enjoy.

Spine Care - OrthoCarolina Radio

Featuring Dr. Eric Laxer from the Spine Center at OrthoCarolina. The topics discussed range from what conditions are seen and what types of patients are seen to how new technology and innovation are modernizing the field. This series is done in conjunction with Beasley Radio and K 104.7 FM.