Spine Care - OrthoCarolina Radio

A podcast featuring Dr. Eric Laxer from the Spine Center at OrthoCarolina. The topics discussed range from what conditions are seen and what types of patients are seen to how new technology and innovation are modernizing the field.

No more pickaxing? Say it ain't so doc...

After a shoulder injury, Norm was seen at our University location...watch the visit unfold.


Visit www.cltfreeworkout.com for all the details of the community program.

The Future of Private Practice

Key thoughts from OrthoCarolina CEO Dr. Dan Murrey. Successful private practices are focused on the forces driving healthcare today: collaboration and integration, transparency on quality and cost, systems thinking and innovation.

Running - OrthoCarolina Radio

Host Chris Kroeger chats up all things running. Guest range from the casual runner to the expert, with some medical suggestions sprinkled in as well! Enjoy.

Acupuncture - OrthoCarolina Radio

A podcast with Dr. Alison Warren that delves into all the aspects and conditions treated by acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Also included are several health updates. This series is done in conjunction with Beasley Radio and K 104.7 FM.

Dr. Edward Pollock Jr. - Orthopedic Surgeon

Winston-Salem and King office locations.

Dr. Stephan Pill - Orthopedic Surgeon

Kernersville office location.

Dr. David O'Brien Jr - Interventional Physiatrist

Winston-Salem Spine Center office location.

Dr. Hannah Messer - Interventional Physiatrist

Winston-Salem Spine Center and Kernersville office locations.

Dr. Timothy McGowen - Orthopedic Surgeon

Winston-Salem Spine Center and Clemmons office locations.