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Do you get back pain from sitting at your desk?

Ergonomics and the “90-90-90 Position”: Why ‘how’ you sit is so important

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Why Position-Specific Injuries are Common in NASCAR

“In what other sport do you get a 15-second break every hour?” –Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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How Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch got back on track

OrthoCarolina, a Charlotte orthopedic clinic. Over the past decade, OrthoCarolina staff members have become as much a part of the NASCAR traveling circus as the other regulars who roam the same roads as drivers, crews and officials.

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Who’s Got Your Back?

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Back Health

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A Helping Hand: How Occupational Therapy Helps Patients with Artificial Limbs

In occupational therapy, we often work with prostheses, or artificial devices that replace a part of the human body that may have been lost due to trauma or accident, congenital conditions or other reasons.

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Fit Tip Friday - Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a plyometric exercise that work your core muscles as well as upper and lower body muscles for overall strength.

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Running + Beer: A Hoppy Way to Work Out

Most of us don’t typically associate beer with exercise, but there might actually be a few good reasons to enjoy a pint or two after your run

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What Time of Day is Best to Work Out?

It really depends on who you ask, but more importantly, it really depends on you.

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