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Sports Medicine

Leading research group welcomes OrthoCarolina Cartilage Restoration Physician

Dr. James Fleischli joins a national group of researching physicians.

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Exercise Like an NFL Athlete

Being an NFL athlete is no easy feat. Those guys are constantly training, but not all NFL players focus on the same areas. It largely depends on the position they play.

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What’s the Latest Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injuries?

Rotator cuff tendon tears affect more than four million people annually in the U.S. and are the most common source of shoulder pain and disability. Dr. Patrick Connor of the OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center, team physician to the Carolina Panthers, is pioneering the use of a breakthrough technology designed as a new option for millions of people suffering from rotator cuff tendon tears in the shoulder joint.

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Life After Football: What Happens to the Human Body When the Days of Playing Are Over?

It can be difficult to end a career in any sport for those who are hard-wired to do what they love, but the post-football career can be tough physically as well as mentally.

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To All Swimmers: Get Faster and Stay Healthier - Cross Train.

Swimming is a great lifetime activity. Whether you're a recreational, masters level, triathlete or competitive swimmer, doing some dry land cross training should be an integral part of your regular weekly workout routine. It can be hard to leave the pool for one day and opt for a dry land workout, but there are many benefits that will leave you a better swimmer and with a more well-rounded level of fitness.

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Warm Up Right for Soccer Performance and Prevention

These days, most people usually agree that athletes should be doing some type of warm up prior to taking the field, including sports like soccer. What is less clear is exactly what that warm up should look like. Just jogging or doing prolonged hold, stretching is inadequate, and may actually do more harm than good.

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Is it time to lace up the cleats?

A former professional soccer player’s perspective on playing the sport

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Why Foam Rolling is Important: A Soccer Player’s Perspective

Not too long ago I was working with the U.S. Men’s National Beach Soccer team in their Beach World Cup qualifier tournament.

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Epidemiological Study Tracks Upper Extremity Injury Trends in NASCAR Drivers and Pit Crew

Any sport will cause wear and tear on the bodies of athletes over time, but for a NASCAR pit crew, roles on the team can play a big role in the type of injuries they face.

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Taking Care of Collegiate Athletes

Keeping the Charlotte 49ers in the game

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OrthoCarolina Soccer: Keeping you in the game

Committed to keeping you in the game and proud to support numerous area youth soccer clubs.

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Ten Things to Know about Being a Physician to an NFL Team

Dr. Patrick Connor, Head Team Physician of the Carolina Panthers, offers his perspective

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How recovering from an ACL tear is as much mental as it is physical: Warren’s Story

When an athlete gets injured, we tend to focus on the physical aspects: What was hurt, the surgery, and when can the athlete get back on the field or court...

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Why Position-Specific Injuries are Common in NASCAR

“In what other sport do you get a 15-second break every hour?” –Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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How Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch got back on track

OrthoCarolina, a Charlotte orthopedic clinic. Over the past decade, OrthoCarolina staff members have become as much a part of the NASCAR traveling circus as the other regulars who roam the same roads as drivers, crews and officials.

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Behind the Scenes: Athletic Training at the College Level

At Belmont Abbey, we strive to educate our students in three areas: body, mind, and spirit. In athletics, we focus a little more on the body area and work to keep our athletes in optimal physical condition both to prevent injury and to compete at a high level.

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Cheerleading and Injury Risk

The American Medical Association recently declared cheerleading a sport, saying that the rigors and risks led them to the decision.

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How Do Orthopedic Surgeons Contribute to College Athletics?

If you know OrthoCarolina, you know that we’re passionate about sports, including our local and regional college teams...

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