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What are bowed-legs?

“Bowed legs” is a term used to describe the medical term genu varum, which means the knees fall outside the midline of the legs.

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What is Clubfoot?

The medical term for clubfoot is talipes equinovarus and this describes the position of the foot. The feet are pointed down (equinus) and inward (varus).

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What is a discoid meniscus?

A normal meniscus is a c-shaped cushion of cartilage that supports the knee joint. A discoid meniscus is shaped more like a disc and does not taper as much toward the center.

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What is femoroacetabular impingement?

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a condition in the hip joint involving abnormal friction between the ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum).

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What is Pediatric Hip Dysplasia?

Hip Dysplasia is a comprehensive term that has been used to include a spectrum of related developmental hip problems in infants and children, often present at birth.

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Intoeing Causes & Treatment

In-toeing is a pattern of walking in which the toes point inward instead of straight forward. There are varying degrees of in-toeing, some being mild and others being severe.

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What is Blount’s Disease?

Blount’s disease is a condition affecting the growth plate of the tibia, also known as the shin bone.

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What Are Knock Knees? Causes & Treatment Options

“Knock knees” is a term used to describe the medical term genu valgum, which means the knees fall inside the midline of the legs.

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When Can My Child Start Lifting Weights?

I get asked this question almost daily, so if it’s something you’ve pondered as a parent, know that you are not alone.

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