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What is a discoid meniscus?

A normal meniscus is a c-shaped cushion of cartilage that supports the knee joint. A discoid meniscus is shaped more like a disc and does not taper as much toward the center.

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What Are Knock Knees? Causes & Treatment Options

“Knock knees” is a term used to describe the medical term genu valgum, which means the knees fall inside the midline of the legs.

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Multi Modal Pain Management: Making Hip and Knee Surgical Pain Easier

American registered nurse Margo McCaffery, a pioneer of the field of pain management nursing, famously had a theory about human pain: "whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever he says it does".

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OrthoCarolina Hip & Knee Center Leading in Research

More research needed for guidance on one-stage vs two-stage exchange to treat PJI after TKA

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Changing Technology and Trends in Joint Replacement

Joint replacement patients are growing older, but also getting younger

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How Obesity Affects Your Arthritis

Even as countries worldwide have populations that suffer from malnutrition, obesity has become a major worldwide health concern including in the United States.

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Top Achievements in Charlotte Medicine 2015 - Thomas Ferhing

In an effort to improve the quality of care available in their community, these doctors are making Charlotte a leader in medical research, training, and education

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OrthoCarolina to bundle knee, hip replacement costs

Instead of waiting for change to be imposed, doctors at Charlotte’s OrthoCarolina, one of the region’s largest physician groups, have taken the lead in adopting a system to simplify billing and improve coordination of care.

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Get to Know Your Knee

What’s in a knee, and how does it work?

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