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The Full Workout


1. The Start

2. Air Squat

3. Arm Circle

4. Push Up

5. Jumping Jack

6. Lunge

7. Plank

8. The Finish



Just finished this workout. Feeling good. Thank you
- Sharron Harrison
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OrthoCarolina says:
Thank you Sharron! We are glad you participated.
Good, clear explanations in the videos. I would like to try and meet in Dilworth. Where, what time of day, and what are the dates?
- Tom Blackmon
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi there Tom, It's a self-guided workout so you can go anytime! Thanks.
What a wonderful idea this is great I will be using these places to get out and move, move, move. Thank you
- Linda Keich
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Thanks cor setting this up. Where is the NODA workout
- Brian gardner
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Brian, it is on Charles Ave, around the 1000 block. Thanks.

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