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Please install one of these on The greenway in downtown Matthews, it would be perfect for the community and the elementary school next door. Thanks!
- Dimple S.
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StephB says:
I agree, Matthews area!
Need one in the Mountain Island area please!
- Michaela
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Kiesha Parker says:
I agree, Mountain Island or Northlake...
There are 2 Ortho Carolina and both are pretty close to the Mallard Creek Greenway so maybe we can do ours there.
- Richmond
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi there Richard, we are planning phase 2 now and are looking at the University area for several installations. Thank you.
Wed love to see this in the Steele Creek/airport area!
- Debbie Sutton
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This would be a great idea to take to the schools as well, to allow kids to enjoy the concept as well! Love it!
- Annie
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OrthoCarolina says:
Great idea Annie! We will look into that for sure. Thank you.
Is there a instructor at each location?
- Demetrias Campbell
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi there Demetrias, The workouts are self-guided and we have this instructional video series for you as well: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-glrCGynNvmB3ZEUILJUUHYdZ5Dourql Thanks.
When are these workouts?
- Libby
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Libby, The workouts are self-guided so you can make it fit your schedule. Thank you.
Union County (Indian Trail, Weddington?)
- Jeanette
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How about Harrisburg area. Town Center would be an awesome place, and I know a lot of people would take advantage of it. It is a wide open area with plenty of parking!!!
- Lynn C.
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Any in the Winston-Salem area?
- John
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi John, No, none at this point but we are planning for the second phase of this campaign and we'll be sure to scout the Winston area. Thank you.
South Charlotte Matthews area!
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What about Elizabeth?
- pamella g patterson
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Pamela, We working on the next phase of this program now and will be sure to scout locations across the region. Thank you and we appreciate the feedback.
Where can you find the times?
- Truda
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi there Truda, It's a self-guided workout so you can go anytime! Thank you.
What about in Ballentine area, or Fort Mill area
- Mary Meyer
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Will there be a location in the University area anytime soon?
- Harriet Hale
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Harriet, We working on the next phase of this program now and will be sure to scout locations in University. Appreciate the feedback.
Love the idea. Any chance of coming to Lake Norman area?
- Jackie
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Could use one in around Monroe!
- Glenda Wynkoop
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How about the Cotswold area? Please and thanks!
- Pearl
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Pearl, We working on the next phase of this program now and will be sure to scout locations across the area...thanks so much for the feedback.
Any plans to bring this to Hickory?
- Gayle Secreast
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HI! What are the times and days?
- Jen
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Where/which one is the closest to the Hickory - Newton/Conover aera
- Jimmie Martin
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Would love to see on around Madison Park.....maybe even around Pinewood Elementary?
- Margaret Sexton
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Margaret, We working on the next phase of this program now and will be sure to scout locations across the area! Appreciate the feedback.
Was there ever a response regarding having one in the University area? If so where??
- Betty
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Betty, We working on the next phase of this program now and will be sure to scout locations in University. Appreciate the feedback.
The maps are too small to read!
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OrthoCarolina says:
Thanks MCK, we are improving that now and including links to Google Maps as well. Appreciate the feedback.
What are the dates/times?
- Donna
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Donna, it's a self-guided workout...so the time and schedule are up to you! Thanks.
What about University City.
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I live off village lake drive which location is closer and what times and days
- Pedro Velasquez
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi there Pedro, It's a self-guided workout so anytime works! Thank you.
This is awesome! Is there anyway the maps can be a little bigger? Having trouble viewing the maps on my 27 inch monitor at work.
- Kevin
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Need one in the Ballantyne area!
- Mindy
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Eileen says:
Yes, really need one on the South side! Ballantyne or Pineville would be great! Really need this!!!
Kathy says:
I second that! When will there be one in the Balkantyne area?
This is so smart...also how neat is that graffiti stuff too. I like I am going have my neighborhood do this. How long does it run?
- Jennifer Smith
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Jennifer, It will last as long as the clean graffiti lasts on the sidewalk. It's just water so as the sidewalk gets dirty the message will disappear but I'd say you've got a good amount of time to get out there. Thank you.
Really awesome idea. Bring more locations
- Jason Bottoms
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