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Hi there Thomas...thank you for the note. Not from Ohio, New York or Virginia. For all other states the adjuster has to sign our Letter of Agreement agreeing to pay the NCIC fee schedule for all charges. The patient would need to have their Work Comp adjuster contact our department at 704-323-2667 to discuss.
- OrthoCarolina
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Do you accept out of state work comp injuries? Need to follow up on an evaluation and impairment rating. Thank you Thomas
- Thomas
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Hi there Wayne. Yes, we accept federal labor workers comp as long has it has been accepted by the Department of Labor.
- OrthoCarolina
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Do you all accept federal labor workers comp? I work for the usps. Thk u
- wayne m heffner
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Hi Robert, thanks for your note. Sorry, but no, we do accept online appointments at this time. You can contact us at 704.323.2667 to make an appointment. Thank you!
- OrthoCarolina
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is it possible to make appointments online?
- robert phillips
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