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Why I Ride: High Country Development

Life is like riding a bicycle — in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein

From freedom to speed, from fitness to adventure, for traveling and to help the environment – there are countless reasons to ride a bike. May is Bike Month, a celebration of cycling, bicycles and the people that ride them.

High Country Development, a developmental cycling team based out of Boone, North Carolina, provides a platform for young cyclists to chase their goals, whether those goals include professional cycling, medical school or anything in between. By mixing experienced mentors with younger riders they provide a peer group that encourages all teammates to grow and perform at their best, both on and off the bike. “High Country Devo” is immensely passionate about life and cycling, so in honor of Bike Month we asked them why they ride. Here’s what they told us.

Initially I began riding to keep active during the off season of running track and cross country in high school. I started mountain biking with my dad.  After ending high school and not continuing to run in college, I began road biking, eventually hooking up with Appalachian State's cycling team to race.  The people, the roads, the views, all made me more intrigued and more interested in continuing to this sport.  It is an easy sport to become obsessed with.  Technology, people, training, racing change every year and so it is always fun to see how you stack up with an ever-changing sport. This is why I ride.

Michael Potter


Reasons I ride.

1. The sense of freedom when riding.

2. For the thrill of adventure. 

3. For the thrill of racing my bike, "fast is forever!"

4. Tool that keeps me in shape and motivated. 

Josh Brown


I ride bikes as a stress relief, it's a peace of mind, to stay healthy and active, and so I can eat as much as I want and not feel bad about it in the end.
Billy Raynor


I ride because I’ve always had a fascination with endurance sports. I like seeing how far you can push yourself. I like seeing how much farther I can push than others. I’m also very competitive and love racing. It can kind of be a crapshoot in that not always does the best or most deserving win but often the guys who take risks and really put themselves out there are rewarded. If cycling were basketball then I guess you could say I take a lot of half court shots. It’s not often you make them but when you do it’s something real special.

Brandon Freyer


I ride for personal fitness and to clear my mind. If I am ever stressed or worried, there is no better cure than going out for a solid 3-4 hours on the bike. 

Miles Hubbard


It’s a rush!

Devin Revis


Read more about High Country Development.

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