A few years back, I injured my knee. The doctor had to take out my cartilage because of a joint injury. I managed to rehab it back a bit, but I injured again a year ago and all I want to do is compete as a runner again. I was a bit disheartened with the news I got at the doctor. But why can't I run like I used to? What can be done.
I made this video for everyone out there who has joint pain because of cartilage lose. I wanted to know what could be done and this is my attempt to spread the knowledge.
A big thank you to Dr. Fleischli at OrthoCarolina for taking the time to walk me through the basics here. I will say, this is one of THE guys here in town for your cartilage problems. He's doing a bunch of great research on it as well, and it's really interesting stuff.


February 27, 2018

I would like to talk to this doctor about cartilage loss in my right ankle. I was a patient of dr. Robert Anderson in the Foot & Ankle Institute there until recently. He said I have no cartilage due to traumatic arthritis resulting from a break many years ago. Wondering if there is any Treatment available other than ankle replacement
- Beth Bargar

February 27, 2018

Hi Beth, please reach out to Sports Medicine Center at 704.323.3000 and ask for time with Dr. Fleischli.
Reply From: OrthoCarolina

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