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Spring into Baseball: Tips for a Successful Season

After a long and brutal winter, spring has finally sprung in the Carolinas. For many of us, that means one thing – BASEBALL!

NoDa Run Club: How running and beer bring a community together

After thousands of miles and countless beers, NoDa Brewing Run Club has converted marathon runners into IPA fiends and craft beer snobs into PR machines.

Orthocarolina explains female soccer Injuries and causes in kids & older athletes

Help keep your kids and teens on the field and out of the doctor’s office with this insight on female soccer injuries from former professional soccer player and PA-C Andy Hylton of OrthoCarolina.

19 Running Injury-Prevention Tips from OrthoCarolina Experts

19 Running Injury-Prevention Tips from OrthoCarolina Experts

The Hip, Getting Older and Running

Many active Americans worry about the impact of exercise on their hips. Chris Dollar, PT, DPT, talks about the hip and how it ages with you.

OrthoCarolina Running Tips: Increasing Your Running Mileage Safely

When runners begin increasing their mileage, it is important to do so in a calculated manner to avoid overuse injuries.

I'm New to Running. Where Do I Begin?

Whatever the reason, you've decided to take up running. Maybe you’d like to lose weight, or you’re working on strengthening your body to help with rehabilitation after an injury or a surgery...

Functional Movement and CrossFit

Functional movements sound complicated but they’re just natural, compound body movements that use multiple joints in your body.

OrthoCarolina in the Fast Lane

This year’s winners (Matt Kenseth, Duel #1, and Denny Hamlin, Duel #2), are both with our partner Joe Gibbs Racing.

High-Intensity Exercise Part II: Some common injuries

High-intensity interval training is typically done at around 80-95% of your maximal aerobic capacity. It’s important to start slow and progress bit by bit when participating in HIIT training or any type of intense exercise.

Watch What You Drink: How Healthy are Sports Drinks?

Whether you’re an athlete or not, are these drinks really a smart choice for our bodies?

One goal after another

Former pro soccer player now works as a physician’s assistant

High-Intensity Exercise Part I: When it comes to exercise, can less actually be more?

You've likely heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a type of workout that isn't totally new, but is increasingly popular and can be confusing because there are so many types.

So what exactly is CrossFit? I hear that quite a lot...

CrossFit seems to be everywhere yet still mystifies so many people.

Maintaining Soccer Fitness in the Off-season

If you have a youth or high school soccer player in your family, chances are they’re anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the off-season and looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather to get back out on the pitch.

Stretching - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Stretching does have some benefits in cases of a true flexibility deficit, but there are other ways to improve mobility and performance.