Dealing With Downtime from Injury: Tips from a Lifelong Athlete

“I was going nuts,” she says of those days without running. “What am I going to do now?”


Free workouts integrated into the sidewalks of Charlotte using clean graffiti, it's just water!

Original #TheFreeWorkout Locations

Here's where you can find them!

En Pointe: What Ballet Dancers Should Know About Injury Prevention

As students head back to school, many dancers head back to the studio and a vigorous training schedule.

The CSA OrthoCarolina Player of the Month

Charlotte Soccer Academy and OrthoCarolina have partnered to present the Charlotte Soccer Academy Player of the Month Award. Each month, we will recognize an outstanding player.

Midfoot Strike for Runners

A midfoot strike is ideal for runners and helps reduce the force and shock to a runner’s hip, knee and ankle.

Test Your Running Shoes

Runners are often quick to blame shoes for injuries, and although not always the case, a properly functioning running shoe is important.

Treating a Nosebleed

Injuries to the face are common in soccer, most often occurring though direct impact with either a soccer ball or collision between players.

Beginner Hot Yoga Tips

Hot yoga is the art of practicing yoga in a heated room. The added heat allows your body to stretch deeper and muscles to lengthen longer.

Bill Heisel: Keeping Athletes Healthy from Kayak to Racetrack

As even a casual viewer knows, the physical challenges facing a motorsports crew are significant...

High Plank for Core Strength

Jenni recommends runners focus on building core strength as part of an overall training plan.

Group Running Drills: How Can They Help You?

Plus, three drills to try on your own

Fishing Around Charlotte

Insider Tips from a Lifelong Enthusiast

Your Running Form Matters

Running with good form can help runners be more efficient, improve overall performance and avoid injury.

Easy dynamic warm up for runners via the Charlotte Agenda

OrthoCarolina trainer Chris Gabriel teaches Katie Levans how to warm up for a run with four easy moves

Running Partner Rules

My favorite running partner is my wife Amanda. Running together gives us dedicated time away from hectic schedules and opportunities to build memories around races.

Running with a Purpose

At OrthoCarolina we are big supporters of Isabella’s Dream Team. Read Erin’s full story, and learn how to get involved to help end childhood cancer.

Finding New Outdoor Pursuits When Injury Strikes

As the director of clinical operations for OrthoCarolina, David Little has seen plenty of athletes stopped in their tracks by injury.

Avoiding Injuries is Easy (If You Take Matt Dobler's Advice)

The staff at OrthoCarolina offers tips on staying healthy and their favorite way to spend a day outside in Charlotte.

OrthoCarolina VP Goes from Couch to 100-Milers

Growing up in the outdoor paradise of Canberra, Australia, Ben Smoker was always active as a kid.

Shin Splints in Soccer

The pain of shin splits can sideline your game.

Dog Friendly Trails in Charlotte (Plus Pro Tips to Get You Started)

Running a dog has even more direct training benefits than simply wearing them out.

How to Avoid Rock Climbing Injuries: Talking with OrthoCarolina’s Stacy Rumfelt

The middle of November can be a tricky time for spending time outdoors in central Carolina.

Meet Aaron Hall. He likes to Run.

“Running allows my mind to relax before the stress of the day begins.”