Meet the Athletic Trainer

Name: James Wood

Years you’ve worked at OrthoCarolina: I’ve been with the OrthoCarolina Sports Therapy Clinic for five years as a licensed/certified athletic trainer.

What is your favorite form of exercise: Playing basketball with my kids

What is your favorite healthy snack or meal: Does coffee count? I think it does. Trail mix is a close second.

Are there any injury preventions tips you’d like to share? I would emphasize the importance of an ACL prevention program and a scheduled off-season for athletes. Other important areas include proper dynamic warm-ups, interval throwing program for return to sport, concussion impact testing for baseline prior to injury and communication with a certified athletic trainer of any potential injuries.

What is the best part about being an athletic trainer? Being part of the healthcare team to help athletes develop the confidence to safely return to competition and develop the character to be successful in life.