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OrthoCarolina has opened the OrthoCarolina Wellness Center in Matthews, a facility that integrates group fitness classes, personal training, youth sports performance, yoga, weight management and wellness services, physical therapy, post-physical therapy fitness and more. Created to provide an extensive range of fitness and wellness services, the goal of the center is to offer a community-focused, well-rounded approach to health.

The OrthoCarolina Wellness Center features a top-of-the-line 50-yard turf field, strength and conditioning equipment such as Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, and Rogue, and some of the most highly certified and experienced personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. On-site OrthoCarolina physical therapists offer first class orthopedic services and comprehensive corporate wellness opportunities are available.

The facility offers several core program areas including the following:

OrthoCarolina Wellness Center

Adult Fitness

Functional fitness-based adult programming is designed to build strength, agility, range of motion and cardiovascular endurance, challenging balance and coordination to help improve the tasks we do every day. Daily workouts are developed by nationally certified trainers and can be performed at the convenience of participants when they arrive at the facility between three designated blocks of time (5:00-7:00 a.m., 12:00-1:00 p.m, and 5:00-7:00 p.m.). Workouts can be modified based on ability, injuries, age, and other conditions and include bodyweight exercises, field work, slamballs, sleds, kettle bells and other functional fitness equipment.

Youth Sports Performance

Created to help youth maximize their sports performance potential, the Youth Sports Performance Program for ages 6-18 focuses on general athletic conditioning for different age groups. Programming includes conditioning, speed, agility, quickness, balance and age-appropriate strength training. Group team training is available and workouts can be specifically developed based on age and sport.

Personal Training

For clients interested in a more personalized, one on one approach to fitness, the OrthoCarolina Wellness Center offers personal training services. Personal trainers at the Wellness Center are available to work individually with clients to create and implement custom programs tailored to meet client goals.

Wellness Services

Wellness Services help clients work toward healthier lives and the quality of life they deserve. Services are open to the general public and include:

  • Weight management programs: The OrthoCarolina Wellness Center offers physician-designed, structured programs to better manage weight through weekly weigh-ins and body composition assessments, weekly coaching sessions, and properly engineered foods.
  • Registered dietitian services: an onsite registered dietitian works with clients to design proper eating plans including sports-specific eating plans and provides educational resources and seminars to teams and parents.
  • Sports psychology: Sports psychology services are available to help youth overcome the mental challenges of returning to play after an injury and also to help parents who deal with the challenges of having a child hyper-involved in sports.
  • Health coaching: OrthoCarolina's certified health coach works with clients to better manage stress and medical conditions, work/ life balance, and to integrate fitness and proper nutrition into their daily lives.
  • Corporate wellness: OrthoCarolina is a national leader in corporate wellness programming and is available to design and manage the wellness programs of local, regional, and national companies.

Sports Physical Therapy

OrthoCarolina's Sports Physical Therapists and athletic trainers are highly trained to assist patients in getting back to their favorite sport or workout routine as quickly as possible after injury or surgery. In addition to standard physical therapy services, sports physical therapy offers individualized programs for return to sport including video analysis of throwing mechanics and/or running mechanics as well as functional testing after ACL (including Y balance testing and vertical jump testing using a force plate). The OrthoCarolina Wellness Center's turf field and full weight room allow staff to evaluate running, cutting, and lifting abilities to ensure athletes are at full performance upon return.

Bridge Program

This special program is designed for patients who are out of insurance-covered physical therapy visits, or who have finished physical therapy and want to safely transition to a regular exercise program. The Bridge Program is also appropriate for active adults who need assistance working on general functional training that will benefit them in their daily lives or jobs, or the athlete seeking to return to play from an injury. Bridge Program components are developed based on individual needs and may include low impact cardiovascular training, posture training, light strength training, gluteus, core and scapular work, and yoga.

Work Conditioning/ FCE

The OrthoCarolina Work Conditioning Program is a key element in return to work protocol for worker's comp patients. With the full array of equipment and space that the Wellness Center offers, work conditioning staff can simulate work conditions and return patients to work as soon as possible.

“The quest for the greatest quality of life means finding balance and maximizing health, which is an important part of what OrthoCarolina does every day,” said Jason Boudrie, Director of Wellness for OrthoCarolina, who has more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field. “The OrthoCarolina Wellness Center is dedicated to helping those in our community build the fundamentals of health, be excellent athletes and achieve the goals they set for themselves.”

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November 09, 2017

Ronisha, We have several options for our weight management programs. One is meeting with our onsite Registered Dietitian to work on a customized plan. Our RD is in-network with most major insurance plans. The other is our structured weight loss program, called Ideal Protein, which is a defined eating plan based on a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet, weekly weigh-ins and coaching sessions, where participants lose, on average, 4-5 pounds per week. The cost for Ideal Protein is roughly $90/ week in food costs and coaching, along with an initial startup fee. Our fitness program can either be membership-based or personal training based. Our membership is $119/ month for unlimited group exercise sessions. Personal training starts at $50/ session. Membership is not required to be a personal training client. Email for more information and to schedule a tour.
- OrthoCarolina

November 09, 2017

Thank you Susan! We appreciate the encouragement.
- OrthoCarolina

November 09, 2017

Hello Mary Anne, The adult fitness program is $119/ month for unlimited group sessions led by a nationally certified strength coach. Sessions are available every morning from 5 am- 10 am, 12-1pm, and 5-7pm. The Matthews Wellness Center is the first OrthoCarolina fitness and sports performance center in Charlotte. Additional facilities may be developed in the future. Email for more information and to schedule a tour.
- OrthoCarolina