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When it comes to eating, doctors like to ‘gobble’ just like the rest of us!

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of many, steeped in tradition. It is a celebration that blends the homegrown customs of so many families and backgrounds, yet one that is uniquely American. At OrthoCarolina we are thankful for our patients, staff and growing company.

But so as to not ruffle any feathers, let’s talk about one of many people’s favorite topics -- the food! Here are some of our physicians’ favorite Thanksgiving foods and traditions:

I eat whatever my amazing chef of a husband decides to cook.

Virginia Casey, MD

Standard stuff for m BUT cannot have thanksgiving dinner without my Mother-in-law’s homemade rolls (absolutely delicious), mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey of course and pecan pie with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!

Bruce Cox, MD

It's all about the fried turkey - juicy and good! The bird is awesome, but the fryer gets me out of the kitchen and outside! Sweet potatoes and dressing on the sides. Usually cranberries salad as well. I've always been a sucker for a pumpkin pie, but my mother in law makes a chocolate pie that will turn heads. Happy Thanksgiving.

Bobby Erdin, MD

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, green beans, mash potatoes, and pumpkin pie of course. Our extended family gets together in Gastonia and we have 40 or 50 people each year at three tables end to end! We make three turkeys and four or five pies. My wife's family makes the best homemade salad and dressing. I grew up in Ohio and I thought the salad was a scoop of cottage cheese on a leaf of iceberg lettuce with half a pear out of a can. So when she asked me early on if I wanted "salad" I said no thanks! But now I love their salad with fresh ingredients and homemade dressing in the big wooden bowl. Plus it's cool to see everyone's kids grow up each year. Nice tradition.

Patrick Hayes, MD

Deep fried thanksgiving Bojangles’ turkey -- very nutritious!...and my grandmother’s turkey stuffing recipe handed down through the generations. This year our daughter will make the green bean casserole and a sweet potato / broccoli side dish. My wife will provide the two turkeys and keep one frozen for Christmas. Our daughter and son-in-law and his mom will bring a homemade apple pie. Our good family friends will make the usual spinach salad and sweet potato casserole.

Robert McBride, MD

Turkey and dressing with homemade cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving is important as a day to gather as a family and friends and remember all the ways we have been blessed. We have so much compared to others around the world, including our freedoms.

Alden Milam MD

Turkey with sage and applewood bacon butter, oyster dressing, and all the fixings!
Bo Mason MD

Tandoori Turkey. It's an amazing secret family recipe. Yes, it’s cooked in a clay oven!

Kinjal Parikh, DO

Every year I am in charge of making my family favorite...Bread Pudding with a Jack Daniels Caramel Sauce. This year I am going to add a Pumpkin Frozen Custard Pie for variety.

Stephan G. Pill, MD, MSPT

Turkey, extra mash potatoes, beer if not working.
Stefan Renaud, MD

We always make Cajun fried Turkey. We usually cook between 6-8 turkeys, 1-2 for the family and the rest to give away.

Scott Shawen MD

Usually fried turkey. This year we will be visiting friends in New Orleans, so Turducken.

Rodney Stanley, MD


November 29, 2016

YUM! Sounds delicious.
- Logan B Stewart

November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving turkey!! A simple way for moist turkey (EVEN six weeks later or post-frozen) simply lift the skin off the turkey breast down to the leg joint cretaing a pocket for jar o honey (12oz? and a jar of orange marmalade (12 OZ?) REPLACE SKIN ON BREAST A COOK AS USUAL. Note the dripping sauce from this is exceptionally RICH--so dilute before making gravy ENJOY
- DR. Jim Wampler; Pt of Dr. Hughes Davis--doing great!!