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With Chris Gabriel, PT

If you're using the OrthoCarolina 10K training plans, you need to make sure you are stretching before and after you run. What kind of stretching should you do before a run? It turns out that the more movement, the better. Chris Gabriel, physical therapist at the OrthoCarolina Sports Training Center, walked us through a set of dynamic stretches that help warm-up your body and activate your core, setting yourself for a better run with less of a risk for injury.

Basic Skip: Make sure your arms in a 90-90 position with your elbows bent. 

Side Shuffle: Running is a front to back
activity, so shuffling sideways can help activate hip muscles.

Carioca: This is essentially a side shuffle with more rotation from your upper and lower body. 

 In-&-Out Hip Rotation: Rotate hips and tap ankle with the opposite hand. 

Retro Lunge: Do a small backward lunge and then reach overhead. Keep your core engaged the entire time. 

Leg Swings: Rest a hand on a counter, and swing leg back and forth. Switch sides. 

Balance Reach: Hinge forward towards the ground and then make your way back up slowly.

Knee to Ankle Mobility Stretch: Shift weight forward, placing your knee far enough out so it touches a wall. Your heel stays down the whole time.

Quad walk: Pull your quad towards the sky and reach up with your opposite hand. Walk forward and do the other side. 


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- View the dynamic stretching video with Chris Gabriel 

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