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Freedom isn’t free. This Veterans Day, we honor all who have served our nation, including our OrthoCarolina staff members. We appreciate the selflessness of these veterans and active duty servicemen and women, their bravery and sacrifice, and their families at home who allow them to serve. Because of you, Americans have freedoms and privileges that many other countries do not.

Please take the time today to thank a veteran or member of the Armed Forces. We thank them not just today, but every day.

OrthoCarolina Veterans:

John Alexander – United States Air Force

Troy Alley – Air Force

Janice Blazey – Navy, Gulf War

Ronald Bray, Jr. – Navy

Judith Brown - Army

Dawn Buzbee – Army

Richard Capo – Army, Gulf War

Ralph Carter – Air Force

Christian Clark – Marines, Navy

Joe Cofer – Air Force

George Collins – Army

Tony Connot – Marines

Phillip Costin – Navy

Bruce Cox – Navy

Jason Crawford – Navy

Eddie Davis – Air Force

Joy Davis – Navy

Brandon Dierker – Marines, Gulf War

Sharon Dunaway – US Army Reserve

David DuPuy – US Army National Guard

Randy Edwards – Army

Ron Field – Air Force, Vietnam vet 1969-70

Bethany Flores - Army

Ken Gaither – Army

Nancy Gonzalez – Army

Kathryn Grayson – Air Force, Gulf War

Chip Harrison – Navy

Patrick Hayes – Air Force

Alvin Haymond – Army National Guard

Phillip Hefner – Marines

Patricia Howard – Army, Gulf War

Yolanda Huling – Air Force

Lisa Husmann – Air Force

Antorio James – Army, Gulf War

Kevin James – Army

David Janeway – Army, Gulf War

Eddie Jones III – National Guard

Jeffery Knapp – Navy

Kerri Lee – Air Force

Veda Lewis – Army (Gulf War)

Jacqui Long – Army National Guard

Mike Long – Air Force

Darlene Martin – Army

Todd Massey – Army

Theresa Matter -- Air Force

Tim McMillan, Navy

Tony Mirovsky – Army

William Moorefield - US Public Health Service

Brian Odom – Navy

Paul Perlik – Army

Elizabeth “Babs” Philippus – Navy, Gulf War

Tim Pysell – Army

Richard Richardson – US Coast Guard

John Ritchie – Navy

James Roberts – Air Force (Vietnam era)

Nelson Roper – Navy, Gulf War

Nikki Samuels – Air Force, Army National Guard

Greg Sanders – Army

Gene Sanguliano – Army

Debra Seria – Navy

Scott Shawen – Army

Kimani Simon - Army National Guard and Air Force Reserve

John Smid – Marines

Mark Suprock – Air Force

Kenny Swims – Navy

Sarah Symons – Navy

Wendi Tarlton – Air Force

John Ternes – Navy

Bill Thomas – Air Force

Elisa Vargas – Army

Bryan Vassey – Navy

Jack Vesano – Air Force

Sandra Vazquez – Navy

Charles Werme – Army

Ronald Wheaton, Jr. – Air Force

Shannon Williams – Air Force

Lori Zimmerman – Navy


January 07, 2017

Thank you for your service to this great Nation, for the sacrifice you made you helped sculp America into the Home of the free and we tip our hats to you for your service every day!
- Margaret Shute

November 14, 2016

Thanks for your service to our great Country!
- Rita DuPont

November 12, 2016

Thanks to each of you for your patriotism, sacrifice and service. Cathie McDonald
- Thanks to each of you for your patriotism, sacrifice and service. Cathie McDonald