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Summer Adventures in the Fast Lane: OrthoCarolina Motorsports Keeps Families Rolling

Navigating Injury Curves with Precision Care

At OrthoCarolina Motorsports, we extend our care beyond just treating athletes and motorsport team members to also taking care of their families, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their summer activities without injuries stopping the fun.

While 10-year-old Harper Allgaier, daughter of NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Justin Allgaier, practicing softball, Harper fell and injured her wrist.

Harper's mom took her to the local OrthoCarolina Urgent Care where she got x-rays taken, showing a slightly angulated distal radius fracture. This is when the bone near the wrist isn't entirely straight; it's subtly bent. It shows that the bone in the wrist area is broken, and instead of maintaining a perfectly straight shape, it is slightly crooked.

Thanks to the expertise of Bill Heisel and the OrthoCarolina team, Harper received immediate treatment without needing surgery.

Similarly, Ryan Flores, the front tire changer for NASCAR Champion Ryan Blaney, faced a similar situation with his daughter Harper. Harper Flores was at gymnastics and fell, suffering a non-displaced fracture.

A non-displaced fracture means the bone is broken, but it hasn't moved out of place. Think of the bone like a stick. When it breaks but stays in its original position, it's a non-displaced fracture. It is like taking a pencil and snapping it in half, but the pieces are still lined up perfectly next to each other.

Once again, OrthoCarolina Urgent Care, led by Pam Brown, provided expert care to help Harper heal and get back to her activities.

"It’s nice to know that the team who takes care of me on and off the track brings the same level of care for my family when we need it.  A huge shoutout to Pam Brown and the OrthoCarolina urgent care team for making it easy for us to navigate Harper’s injury and providing us with the steps to get her back on track to enjoy the summer." - Ryan Flores, Harper's father.

OrthoCarolina has been supporting motorsports for over 18 years, we have the pleasure of not only treating the athletes and motorsport team members but also their families. By partnering with motorsports, OrthoCarolina ensures that all families can rev up their summer adventures without injuries slowing them down.

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May 13, 2024

I had both knees replaced in 2017 at Ortho in Hockory, NC Life changing, it extended my time in the spotters stand for another 7 years to date! Thank you Ortho C.
- Keith Barnwell