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On Veterans Day, we are proud to honor all those who have served our nation, especially our OrthoCarolina staff members. We appreciate these veterans and active duty members' sacrifices, their bravery and selflessness, and their families at home who allow them to serve. 

Please take the time today to thank a veteran or member of the Armed Forces. We thank them not just today, but every day.

OrthoCarolina Veterans:

Troy Alley, PA -C – Air Force

Charlisa Dunning Boyd, Provider Support Services Coordinator- National Guard

Dawn Buzbee, Clinical Assistant  – Army

Kathryn Cadwallader, Surgical Technologist- Air Force

Dale Carpenter, Surgical Technologist- Army

Ralph Carter, III, MD – Air Force

Nadine Cato, PA-C- U.S. Army National Guard

Christian Clark, MD – Marines, Navy

Nick Cline, System Engineer - Army

Tony Connot, PA-C – Marines

Bruce Cox, MD – Navy

Jason Crawford, Clinical Assistant – Navy

Eddie Davis, PA-C – Air Force

David DuPuy, MD – US Army National Guard

Mark Francescon, Clinical Assistant- U.S. Marine Corps

Riannon Frebel, PTA- Army

Mary Grier, PSS- Army

Patrick Hayes, MD – Air Force

Alvin Haymond, PA-C – Army National Guard

Phillip Hefner, PT – Marines

Bill Hellenthal, PTA - Navy

Robert John Hermanance, Building Services Coordinator - Army

Leticia Joseph, Clinical Assistant- Army 

Bunny Hogue, PSS- U.S. Army 

Patricia Howard, Clinical Assistant – Army, Gulf War

Yolanda Huling, Test and Surgery Scheduler – Air Force

Dion Ingram, Radiology Systems and PACS Administrator- Army

David Janeway, MD – Army, Gulf War

Sandra Kies, Business Intelligence Support Analyst – Navy

Jeffery Knapp, MD – Navy

Veda Lewis, Clinical Assistant – Army (Gulf War)

Mike Long, PA-C – Air Force

Ashleigh Maricle, PSC- Navy

Anthony Mirovski, PT - Army and National Guard

Brian Odom, Orthopedic Technician – Navy

Elizabeth “Babs” Philippus , Radiology Technologist– Navy, Gulf War

Elizabeth Qualls, ASC Lead RN- Army National Guard

Nelson Roper, Clinical Assistant  – Navy, Gulf War

Nikki Samuels , Appeals Specialist– Air Force, Army National Guard

Greg Sanders, PA-C – Army

Scott Shawen, MD– Army

John Smid, MD – Marines

Mark Suprock, MD – Air Force

Kenny Swims, Orthopedic Technician – Navy

Bill Thomas, PA-C – Air Force

Mark Townsend, Manager of Business Intelligence- Army

Elisa Vargas, Patient Services Specialist – Army

Ryan Verner, PT - Navy

Edward Randal Walker, MD- Army National Guard

Matthew Wendt, MD- Navy 

Charles Werme, Clinical Assistant – Army

Ronald Wheaton, Jr., MRI Technologist – Air Force

Lori Zimmerman, Scheduling and Administrative Coordinator – Navy

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