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Roan Mountain Hike Asheville

Hiking Roan Mountain in Asheville. ... powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with

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OrthoCarolina's Darren Harris: Hiking is a Family Affair

Darren Harris, the Practice Administrator at OrthoCarolina’s Hickory, North Carolina office, and his family have an interesting holiday tradition.

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Eastern Slickrock Ride Asheville

Riding Slickrock at Dupont State Recreation Area. Powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with

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Trekker’s Wisdom: Tips For Your Next Hike

"Since that hike, I’ve learned a few helpful tips to prep my body for hiking, including key areas to strengthen, warm-ups to incorporate and appropriate trail gear."

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A Lifelong Love of Cycling

For Rita DuPont, the Physiatry Fellowship Coordinator at OrthoCarolina, cycling has been a lifelong passion.

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The Best Paddle-In Campgrounds in the Carolinas

From the cool waters of Lake Jocassee to the brackish tidal swamps out east, the Carolinas are home to a huge variety of flat water paddling experiences.

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OrthoCarolina's Aaron Hewitt: Small Steps to Big Life Changes

Approximately eight years ago, Aaron Hewitt, physician assistant manager at OrthoCarolina’s Sports Medicine Center, experienced what he calls his “aha moment.”

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Summer Running in Charlotte: Insider Tips on Beating the Heat

There’s a feeling of freedom for runners when summer first breaks in the Queen City. Glowing armbands and reflective tape are retired as daylight lingers well into the evening.

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Dealing With Downtime from Injury: Tips from a Lifelong Athlete

“I was going nuts,” she says of those days without running. “What am I going to do now?”

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Bill Heisel: Keeping Athletes Healthy from Kayak to Racetrack

As even a casual viewer knows, the physical challenges facing a motorsports crew are significant...

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Fishing Around Charlotte

Insider Tips from a Lifelong Enthusiast

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Finding New Outdoor Pursuits When Injury Strikes

As the director of clinical operations for OrthoCarolina, David Little has seen plenty of athletes stopped in their tracks by injury.

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Avoiding Injuries is Easy (If You Take Matt Dobler's Advice)

The staff at OrthoCarolina offers tips on staying healthy and their favorite way to spend a day outside in Charlotte.

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OrthoCarolina VP Goes from Couch to 100-Milers

Growing up in the outdoor paradise of Canberra, Australia, Ben Smoker was always active as a kid.

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Dog Friendly Trails in Charlotte (Plus Pro Tips to Get You Started)

Running a dog has even more direct training benefits than simply wearing them out.

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How to Avoid Rock Climbing Injuries: Talking with OrthoCarolina’s Stacy Rumfelt

The middle of November can be a tricky time for spending time outdoors in central Carolina.

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In the Pit Crew and on the Trail, Evan Kureczka Keeps Athletes Moving

Hiking 24 miles over the rugged terrain of eastern North Carolina in a single day is no joke.

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Cycling in Charlotte

While Charlotte may be playing catch up in areas like cycling infrastructure, the Queen City isn’t lacking for cycling enthusiasts.

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