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By Dr. Nady Hamid


What is Bicep Tendinitis? 

Bicep tendinitis is the inflammation of the upper bicep tendon and those who experience it often complain of shoulder pain. While bicep tendinitis can be a normal result of aging and overuse, there are several methods of treatment for this form of tendinitis, from simple at-home methods to surgical techniques.


 Dull, achy pain and tenderness at the front of the shoulder than worsens with activity 

- Pain that radiates down the front of the arm

- An increase in discomfort when reaching overhead

- A popping sensation, sound or "catch" in the shoulder

Bicep Tendinitis Diagram | courtesy of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Diagram of bicep tendinitis courtesy of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons


Normal activities and aging can result in bicep tendinitis. Overuse is also a factor, especially in those with activities and hobbies that require frequent overhead motion like tennis and baseball. Often, other shoulder injuries can accompany bicep tendinitis like those in the rotator cuff.

Bicep Tendinitis TREATMENT

Simple at-home treatments can often reduce the symptoms of bicep tendinitis. Rest from painful activities, application of ice and anti-inflammatory with the consultation of a doctor can do the trick. A doctor may also recommend injections or physical therapy.

If these treatments do not bring relief, a doctor may recommend surgery. Arthroscopic techniques can evaluate, diagnose and treat bicep tendinitis in a less invasive way than traditional "open" surgery. 

WHAT'S NEXT for your bicep TENDINITIS?

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