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"It's raining." "I didn't get a lot sleep last night." "I'd rather just relax and watch Netflix."

Yep, we've heard all the excuses in the book for why someone doesn't want to go for a run. We're guilty too. When you'd trade in your running shoes for Netflix, check out how these runners motivate themselves.

"For me, it's the other way around! Mind, body and soul, running is one of the things that keeps me motivated, energized and excited to do all the rest! Not every day is going to be a great running day. Some days you are going to have the most awesome running day, and some days you are going to feel like your legs are dredging through tar. But, EVERY run is an opportunity to feel gratitude and thanks for the accomplishments you have achieved and the blessings you have been given. If you happen to be running through a difficult phase in your life, let running help push you through it all!"  
-Whitley Adkins Hamlin

"A fun running playlist, nice and cool weather, and a running buddy always motivate me."
- Bre Leach

"Running is the most accessible way for me to exercise. At this point in my life, my health is so important. I've got three little ones. Being active is not an option, it's mandatory. Running gives me some alone time while also keeping me strong enough to be a good mom."
Jen Dufresne

"The days you don't want to run are the most important days to run. If I'm in a good mood, had a great day at work, was able to round the gas pump to the nearest dollar I know I'll have a good run. The days I struggle I'll pull from the big three. The three reasons I run, for myself, for my family, for my community. Number one is self explanatory.. health, mood, longevity and competitive spirit. Number two, I'm a better husband and father when I take care of myself plus I can more easily keep up with my three year old. Number three my community. When you run you begin to notice your surroundings. You start to take note of the beauty and hidden gems Charlotte has to offer. You also get to meet so many amazing people and the huge network of likeminded people. These people will help motivate and push you through the tough times and they are also the same people that will be crossing the finish line with you. Our community will keep you accountable. Our community will keep you running."

- Seth Baird

"Set goals for the week and then if life gets in the way you have a plan to reach your weekly goal."

- Aaron Dodge

"Running helps my mental health tremendously. I know when I’m consistently running, my anxiety is lower and my outlook on life is much brighter. The trade offs for not running are far worse than the 5:30 am alarm clock. I also love having goals I’m working towards - knowing there is something to keep my sights on, keeps me motivated."

-Maria Abbe


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