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Research shows the link between exercise and mood is strong. So, how can you get the most mood-boosting endorphins out of your workout?

Start slowly and exercise consistently. 

"Many people skip the workout at the very time it has the greatest payoff. That prevents you from noticing just how much better you feel when you exercise," said Michael Otto, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Boston University. "Failing to exercise when you feel bad is like explicitly not taking an aspirin when your head hurts. That's the time you get the payoff."

It's true, working out when you feel tired or blue can be especially challenging. For OrthoCarolina's Jennifer Hill, PT, there's no greater feeling than knowing she made it through a tough workout. 

"I cater my workout to match my energy," Hill told our friends at Work For Your Beer. "That way I don't feel forced into any exercise, and I know my tempo will match my mood." Check out the full article to see how to cater your workout to fit your mood.


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