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By Scott Beecher, MSPT, OrthoCarolina Concord Physical Therapy


The pain from plantar fascitis is felt in the heel of the foot and can often feel like walking on a bruise. There are several different methods of physical therapy that can treat the pain of plantar fascitis says OrthoCarolina Concord Physical Therapist Scott Beecher.

The discomfort of plantar fascitis is a result of micro tears that happen in multiple ways include the use of poor footwear and jobs or hobbies that incorporate a lot of standing.

In physical therapy, Beecher says there are three main ways to reduce the pain and inflammation while increasing circulation:

- Taping techniques

- Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

- Dry needling

Ready to take the next step to dumping the pain of plantar fascitis? Here's how:

- WATCH: Scott Beecher and his colleagues at Concord Physical Therapy demonstrate taping, dry needling and instrument soft tissue mobilization on Facebook

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- LEARN MORE: 6 things to know about dry needling

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