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Dr. David Anderson, an orthopedic surgeon with OrthoCarolina, has a philosophy about our modern ethos.

"We all work a little too much," he says. “We spend too much time inside, glued to computer screens and mobile devices.”

If think about an average day for a surgeon, you may get the potential irony. His demanding workweek requires long days in the operating room and even longer days in his office, where Dr. Anderson often sits behind as many as four screens at a time.

But this dedicated physician doesn’t ignore his own recommendations. When not helping patients overcome the pain and pressure associated with chronic and often degenerative spine issues, Dr. Anderson heads for the hills to decompress.

"Hiking is good for joints, ankles, knees, hips, and lower extremities," he says. “But also, the mental health benefits cannot be overstated.”


David T. Anderson, MD is an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCarolina Monroe.

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