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By Stephanie Thurrott (

The success rate for knee replacement surgery is high. “Overall, it’s a widely successful surgery,” Dr. Bryan D. Springer, fellowship director of the OrthoCarolina Hip and Knee Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a spokesperson for the AAOS, told TODAY. “If you look across all surgeries it’s one of the most frequently utilized — that’s based on success.”

If you have ongoing knee pain, you know it can affect your life. You might struggle to walk a few blocks or climb stairs. The pain can wake you up at night. You avoid activities you used to enjoy, knowing that they’ll cause your pain to flare.

If it’s arthritis that’s behind your knee pain, you might be a candidate for knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty.



April 19, 2023

The information provided relating to knee osteoarthritis and knee replacement surgery has been very enlightening. I am scheduled for knee arthroplasty with Dr. Matthew Gullickson on May 20, 2023. I am anxious to have it done because I suffer daily with pain that is, on some days, just about unbearable. As a result, my mobility is quite limited, and I am in fear of falling whenever I am walking, whether at home, or most assuredly when I am able to be out and about. I am not able to do a number of things that I enjoy doing, and sometimes my sleep is even interrupted. I am so ready to get past the surgical event and began healing. It's a long wait for that to occur. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Gullickson. He performed the same surgery on my right knee two years ago. I've been seeing him for some time now, and he is a wonderful doctor! I've been a patient of OrthoCarolina for most of the time I have lived in Matthews, NC...about ten years now!! I've had a spinal surgery, a follow-up surgery from my hip replacement surgery, and the right knee arthroplasty. I have attended several Rehab Therapy events, as well, at OrthoCarolina Matthews location, as well. I have always felt I was in good hands and have recommended OrthoCar. to a few of my friends, who are also satisfied patients!!
- Patricia Trotter