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OrthoCarolina Receives The Triple Crown in Research Awards: Advancing Orthopedic Care Through Groundbreaking Research

Recognizing Research Excellence in Orthopedic Research and Patient Care

The OrthoCarolina Research Institute (OCRI) once again demonstrated its commitment to advancing orthopedic care through its cutting-edge research by winning three awards at AAOS recent orthopedic surgery conferences. With thousands of applications to present at these conferences, there’s about an 8% chance of being selected to share our work. To win the top prize is a testament to OrthoCarolina's and OCRI's excellence in innovation.

AAOS Top Paper: Revolutionizing Prosthetic Joint Infection Treatment

Out of 8,000 submissions, an OCRI Hip and Knee research paper took home the highest honor at this year's American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting. Titled "One-Stage Versus Two-Stage OCRI AAOS Treatment for Prosthetic Joint Infection (PJI): A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Trial," this study boldly challenges the conventional two-stage treatment protocol for PJI and emerges as the standout winner over all specialties.

While prosthetic joint infections are uncommon, they create many treatment difficulties. Typically, conventional treatment methods require two surgeries to first manage the infection, and then replace the joint. The research team within OrthoCarolina’s Periprosthetic Joint Infection Clinic wanted to put the status quo to the test. The team initiated an innovative study to evaluate the effectiveness of a one-stage treatment option, influenced by successful outcomes from European studies.

This project can change how doctors across the US treat joint infection cases. A “one-stage” approach could save patients time and money by reducing the number of surgeries they need to treat this rare, potentially devastating complication.

AAHKS Best Podium: Recognizing Excellence in Presentation

The same joint infection paper that won the AAOS honor, captured the attention and top prize at a Hip and Knee-specific conference.

The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons awarded "One Stage Versus Two Stage Treatment for Prosthetic Joint Infection" the Best Podium Award at their 2023 Annual Meeting just a few weeks ago. This presentation stood out for its outstanding content and delivery, as judged by both the audience and the Program Committee.

A top research paper recognition like this from AAOS and AAHKS reinforces that OCRI’s joint infection initiative is impactful, groundbreaking work happening right in our own backyard.

AAOS Best Spine Poster: Advancing Opioid-Free Pain Management

At the 2024 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), OCRI's poster on "Opioid-Free Pain Management in Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial" was awarded Best Poster in the Spine category.

A poster is just another way we are invited to present research at these conferences outside of the presentation format you may have in mind.

This study, part of OCRI’s CORE (Carolinas Opioid Reduction Effort) Initiative, is led by the CORE Spine Team, emphasizing the safety and effectiveness of opioid-free treatment. It’s just one way we envision tackling the opioid epidemic at OrthoCarolina and beyond.

Celebrating Excellence in Orthopedic Research

These three prestigious awards reflect OrthoCarolina and OCRI's commitment to pioneering research and excellence in orthopedic care.

A huge round of applause goes out to the CORE Hip and Knee Team and the CORE Spine Team, including Dr. Thomas Fehring, Dr. Jesse Otero, Dr. Keith Fehring, Dr. Brian CurtinDr. Bryan Springer, Dr. Bradley Segebarth, Dr. Matt Chapman, Dr. Alden Milam, and Dr. Nady Hamidwith a special mention of OCRI's Research Team members Alexis Ready, Taylor Rowe, Kayla Hietpas and Caleb Michalek, and Dr. Michael Schallmo and Dr. Susan Odum.

To support the independent research happening at OCRI, click here to donate. OCRI is an independent 501(c)3 that moves orthopedics forward by challenging the status quo, pioneering inventions, and innovating ways to help patients like you.

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