Celebrating National Doctors' Day

Every year as part of National Doctors' Day, we celebrate our talented team of physicians and their commitment to Make Lives Better. 

Hear what some of our Physician Assistants and patients have to say about working with their OC doctors.

Dr. Woodside is the best doctor and friend to work for! About 10 years ago, we met at a Crossfit gym and little did I know we would be working hand in hand together as a team for over 3 years now!
- Dalissia Grothe, PA-C

My hip replacement was the catalyst that opened up a whole new life for me- one without pain, being independent, and wider mobility choices. I could take a walk with friends, go shopping without worrying about a close parking place, and just enjoy a better quality of life!
- Jane, patient

Dr. Chapman is the epitome of a team player - most often leading by example. He will call patients, introducing himself as "Matt from OrthoCarolina." His humility and work ethic inspire our entire team to be the same. From breaking down charts to giving patients the best care, he embodies why physicians deserve a national day of celebration!
- Shannon Reilly, PA-C

Dr. Casey's treatment and care of our 8-year-old daughter with CMT gave her the ability to walk and run again. Thank you!
- Julie, patient

I have worked alongside Dr. Casey for 15 years. She often asks my opinion and values what I contribute to the care of our patients. She is an innovator & creative with how she approaches the care of her patients. She is so well respected in the community and adored by her patients.
- Trish Moody, CPNP

Recently after total hip replacement, I went to the beach and was able to walk in the soft sand without pain for the first time in years.
- Terry, patient

Dr. Dockery embodies all aspects of what it means to be a great mentor, great physician, and a great member of his community. He takes great care to listen to any questions thrown his way and actively works to ensure his answer is understood. He is an avid hiker and lover of “Dad Jokes” in addition to being a Boy Scout leader, father, and husband.
- Carissa Cartelli, PA-C

Thank you for good ankle days.
- Margaret, patient

Dr. Beaver always puts his patients first, he a wonderful teacher and mentor. He has improved the field of orthopedics.
- Jon Hendershot, PA-C

Because of the knee replacement surgery, I can now play with the great-grandkids and dance as I have always enjoyed doing.
- Doris, patient

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