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Aaron J. Hewitt | Inaugural Scholarship

A Tribute to Leadership and Excellence: Celebrating the Legacy of Aaron J. Hewitt

To honor the legacy of former OrthoCarolina Physician Assistant, the inaugural Aaron J. Hewitt Memorial Scholarship was recently presented at the PA retreat to Scot Rheinecker, PA-C. This award serves as a tribute to the outstanding leadership qualities shown by both the late Aaron J. Hewitt and the deserving recipients who follow in his footsteps.

Scholarship Overview

The Aaron J. Hewitt Scholarship Award praises the OrthoCarolina PAs and NPs (APPs) who embody the spirit and values that defined Aaron's remarkable career. This scholarship not only honors the memory of him but also celebrates the current APPs who are emerging as leaders within our organization.

This scholarship allows recipients to embark on an enriching journey toward personal growth and leadership development. Recipients are granted an expenses-paid trip to attend a prestigious educational event, such as a leadership conference, where they can hone their skills, network with healthcare leaders, and cultivate their potential to make meaningful contributions to their communities and beyond. This scholarship embodies Aaron's dedication to fostering individual growth and empowerment.

We are honored to present the inaugural Aaron J. Hewitt Memorial Scholarship to Scot Rheinecker, PA.

Scot Rheinecker, PA, with 27 years at Miller Clinic and OC, exemplifies the values and educational dedication reminiscent of Aaron Hewitt, making him an exemplary recipient of the 2024 Scholarship Award. As a mentor, educator, and leader in orthopedic care, he's revered for his ability to simplify complex concepts and his significant contributions to PAs in Orthopedic Surgery. His clinical expertise is matched by his compassionate patient care, earning him respect as a first assistant and clinician among surgeons. Scot's unwavering commitment to medical education and patient care positions him as a standout recipient of this prestigious recognition.

Remembering Aaron Hewitt

Aaron Hewitt joined the OrthoCarolina family in 2002, where his infectious smile and warm demeanor quickly endeared him to colleagues and patients alike. Known for his larger-than-life personality, Aaron personified the core values of OrthoCarolina – Service, Quality, Teamwork, and Community.

A passionate advocate for building meaningful relationships, Aaron left an unforgettable mark on everyone he encountered. His commitment to delivering exceptional care and fostering connections within the clinic inspired team members to engage fully in their roles. Beyond the clinic walls, Aaron was a dedicated community ambassador, promoting OrthoCarolina through various initiatives and educational endeavors.

Aaron's dedication to education was unwavering, evident in his role as a mentor to aspiring healthcare professionals and his active involvement in local APP programs. A natural leader, Aaron championed the APP profession and earned respect through his positive attitude and collaborative approach. His legacy continues to inspire the kind of provider and team member that OrthoCarolina strives to cultivate.

Carrying On Aaron's Legacy

As we honor the memory of Aaron J. Hewitt through this scholarship, we celebrate the exceptional individuals who carry forward his legacy of compassion, dedication, and leadership within OrthoCarolina.


April 25, 2024

Yay Scotie!!!- Mallard Creek Surgery Center
- Heather Kirkman

April 24, 2024

Congratulations Scot!!!
- Heather Kincaid

April 23, 2024

This is great. Congrats Scot!
- Stephen Freshly