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How Value-Based Care is aligning patient, provider, and payer incentives

Healthcare is a team sport. When you, your physician + your entire care team work together towards a common goal, amazing things are accomplished for you. But, here's the kicker, when you add in the insurance companies, costs associated, copays, coinsurance, confusion, deductibles, and the loops to jump through, things can get a little bit difficult.

That's where OrthoCarolina's initiative to bring more value-based care programs to our services comes into play. But what exactly is Value-Based Care?

Value-based care is a dynamic topic, and for that reason, we’ve put together a podcast episode introducing you to value-based care. At the end of this episode, you’ll understand how value-based care is delivered to patients, how it's different from our current system, and why it's essential.

In the episode, you'll hear us speak with four team members at OrthoCarolina from different perspectives: a doctor, a physician's assistant, a nurse, and an outpatient ambulatory service center coordinator.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the current fee-for-service system operates… and how it’s not working
  • The three delivery systems in value-based care
  • How outpatient service centers are reducing costs for patients
  • Strategies for asking your benefits provider to offer value-based care programs

Featured Voices

  • Dr. Leo Spector, Spine Surgeon at OrthoCarolina
  • Bob Raspa, PA-C and Director of Physician Assistant Services and Value-Based Programs
  • Susan Deal, BSN RN, Administrator/Director of Nursing, Mallard Creek Surgery Center
  • Stephen Freshley, Registered Nurse & Director of Value-Based Services

A glance at the episode…

  • [4:23]: The current process for the traditional model of care
  • [9:26]: Site of service - value-based care Delivery System #1
  • [11:37]: Susan Deal shares the benefits of outpatient facilities
  • [13:02]: Retrospective or shared savings - value-based care Delivery System #2
  • [15:14]: Stephen Freshley introduces the surgeon-led value-based committee at OrthoCarolina
  • [16:30]: Prospective bundles – value-based care Delivery System #3
  • [20:55]: Three ways that employers roll out value-based care arrangements
  • [24:36]: Patient feedback from a value-based care program

>> Click here to listen to the full episode

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