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The “Real Core”: Yoga and the Psoas

Your core muscles are deep in your back and help stabilize and strengthen your spine.

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Females and CrossFit

Strength training is so often ignored by females.

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Cheerleading and Injury Risk

The American Medical Association recently declared cheerleading a sport, saying that the rigors and risks led them to the decision.

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Smoldering Setback: A Firefighter’s Journey to Staying Healthy

For Matt Yost, being in shape isn't just part of his healthy lifestyle. His job and people’s lives depend on it.

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Why I Used to Grunt When Putting on my Socks

Four years ago, I was not healthy. I was eating pizza and burgers 3-4 times a week and drinking too much beer and soda. Sure, we like to indulge sometimes, but I was not healthy. I peaked at 190 pounds, which is a lot for me, after a Christmas vacation with my buddies – and I felt depressed about my overall health.

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BCBSNC and OrthoCarolina Team Up to Reduce Cost and Improve Quality of Knee Replacement Surgeries

Starting March 1, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) customers became eligible for a new bundled payment program for total knee replacement surgeries through an arrangement with OrthoCarolina.

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What it’s Like to be an Athletic Trainer to NASCAR Teams [Podcast]

Angela Sneed, ATC at OrthoCarolina, joins AT Podcast to talk motorsports and more

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When Should I Change My Running Shoes?

We know, we know, running shoes aren’t cheap. But, as you use your shoes, mile after mile they eventually begin to lose their cushioning, stability, and shock absorption.

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Discovery Place Education Studio, Charlotte NC

OrthoCarolina joined Discovery Place to celebrate the opening of the new Discovery Place Education Studio at a ceremonial ribbon cutting at Bank of America STEM Center for Career Development on May 29.

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Research Update: Mastectomy and Upper Body Extremities

Mastectomy is a common treatment for women with breast cancer. Some patients that need a mastectomy also have to have other lymph node tissue removed from the axillary (armpit) region on the same side that the breast tissue was removed from.

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See Kristan Run

Kristan Seaford miraculously survived severe complications from the flu, but the loss of blood flow during treatment resulted in the amputation of both hands, her left lower leg and a portion of her right foot...

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Muscle Balance for Your Hips

(And why you shouldn’t sit all day)

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Cycling is a great sport, hands down. Even when you break one.

Up in the Appalachian Mountains, we love cycling. I ride with High Country Development, a group of cyclists all under the age of 25 who are full-time college students.

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A Different Kind of Bodywork: How OrthoCarolina Works with NASCAR Teams

By the time “Drivers, start your engines!” roars above the din of an excited NASCAR crowd, the OrthoCarolina Motorsports team has been at work for many hours.

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Spine Center’s Dr. Milam Performs Two-Level Cervical Disc Replacement

OrthoCarolina spine surgeon Alden Milam has performed a two-level cervical disc replacement procedure utilizing a novel medical device recently approved by the FDA. The procedure was the first FDA approved two-level disc replacement in the state of North Carolina.

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Mallard Creek Surgery Center Opens at OrthoCarolina University Location

Mallard Creek Surgery Center is now open at OrthoCarolina’s University location, offering outpatient procedures and orthopedic surgical services for patients of all ages.

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A Need for Speed: How a NASCAR Pit Crew Deals with Injury Risk

OrthoCarolina’s motorsports team takes care of crew and drivers during the long NASCAR season. The care they provide runs the spectrum from injury diagnosis, care, pre- and post-op treatment, to physical therapy and more.

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Diane Had Knee Surgery. And Then Ran the Boston Marathon in 3:39.

At 49, Diane Lancaster’s health resume is already impressive. She’s a runner, fitness instructor, triathlete, former collegiate athlete and registered dietician. She had run 5 Boston Marathons and was preparing for her sixth in 2014.

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