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In Loving Memory

Dr. Sarjoo “Sam” Bhagia, a physiatrist with OrthoCarolina's Spine Center, passed away August 10, 2016 after a brief illness. Dr. Bhagia was adored and respected by his teammates, peers, patients and friends, and his easygoing nature and laughter were an innate part of who he was both as a person and a physician.

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#TheFreeWorkout Videos

Learn the proper technique for each exercise

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Meet Jenni. OC Loves to Run.

I like 5K distances. One of my favorite races to run with friends is the OrthoCarolina 10K Classic, it’s a beautiful course.

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Dealing With Downtime from Injury: Tips from a Lifelong Athlete

“I was going nuts,” she says of those days without running. “What am I going to do now?”

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Musculoskeletal Leaders Gather in Charlotte for Annual Meeting

Some of the world’s top physicians, researchers, and scientists in the field of musculoskeletal infections will unite in Charlotte August 5-6 during the annual meeting of the Musculoskeletal Infection Society (MSIS).

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School of Thought: What to Know About Students, Backpacks and Injury Prevention

The backpack serves not only as a stylish accessory, but also as the main transporter for books, homework, or maybe even a laptop.

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Free workouts integrated into the sidewalks of Charlotte using clean graffiti, it's just water!

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En Pointe: What Ballet Dancers Should Know About Injury Prevention

As students head back to school, many dancers head back to the studio and a vigorous training schedule.

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Midfoot Strike for Runners

A midfoot strike is ideal for runners and helps reduce the force and shock to a runner’s hip, knee and ankle.

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Test Your Running Shoes

Runners are often quick to blame shoes for injuries, and although not always the case, a properly functioning running shoe is important.

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Our Gastonia office is moving!

This includes our Orthopedic Urgent Care as well.

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Soccer: Treating a Nosebleed

Injuries to the face are common in soccer, most often occurring through direct impact with either a soccer ball or collision between players.

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Beginner Hot Yoga Tips

Hot yoga is the art of practicing yoga in a heated room. The added heat allows your body to stretch deeper and muscles to lengthen longer.

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The Future of Private Practice

Key thoughts from OrthoCarolina CEO Dr. Dan Murrey.

Successful private practices are focused on the forces driving healthcare today: collaboration and integration, transparency on quality and cost, systems thinking and innovation.

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Creating Physician-Owned Bundled Payments

At OrthoCarolina, a multi-site independent orthopedic physician group in the Charlotte area, we lowered cost by 10-30% and dramatically improved outcomes for hip and knee replacement surgery.

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Bill Heisel: Keeping Athletes Healthy from Kayak to Racetrack

As even a casual viewer knows, the physical challenges facing a motorsports crew are significant...

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High Plank for Core Strength

Jenni recommends runners focus on building core strength as part of an overall training plan.

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Independence Day Remembrance

On July 4, OrthoCarolina remembers and thanks those who have served our nation in the military.

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Fishing Around Charlotte

Insider Tips from a Lifelong Enthusiast

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Your Running Form Matters

Running with good form can help runners be more efficient, improve overall performance and avoid injury.

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Easy dynamic warm up for runners via the Charlotte Agenda

OrthoCarolina trainer Chris Gabriel teaches Katie Levans how to warm up for a run with four easy moves

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