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The OrthoCarolina Winston Women's Cycling team shares insight into what to expect when you decide to get involved in cycling as well as suggestions on how you can best maximize your time.

Find a good bike store

Like runners rely on the correct pair of running shoes for their gait, cyclists should be fitted for the right kind of bike. Tori suggests going to local bike shops and finding a place where you feel most comfortable. Besides purchasing the right bike, you’ll need additional equipment and the right kind of clothes. Knowledgeable employees can help make sure you are well-equipped to ride.

Make a schedule

If you’re not training for any particular race, it can be fine to ride whenever you feel like it, but schedules help hold you accountable and lead to progress. Tori Kanizer, one of the youngest members of the OrthoCarolina Winston Women's Cycling team, rides almost every day, usually about fifteen to sixteen hours a week, but when starting out it is good to set a few days aside to ride, such as riding on Mondays and Wednesdays. She also likes to rides with a group on the weekends. On group training, Tori said, “Groups help me ramp up my training and encourage me to keep going.”

Set a goal

Ask yourself, “Why are you cycling?” It may just be for fun or you may be serious about competing. Whatever that goal is, it helps guide you as begin getting more comfortable with the cycling process. After you find your goal, write it down and keep it somewhere you look every day.

Know it isn’t going to be easy

Tori said one of the most surprising things about cycling is that it was harder than she expected. As a former runner, Tori was pretty much used to grueling physical activity but cycling put new demands on her body. However, she said, “I made so many good friends and matured so much along the way. It totally was worth it.”

Do practice races

Most cycling communities have practice races during the week. If you are not quite ready to sign up for an actual race, or just want to race and have fun, Tori encourages you to sign up for one of these races. Cyclists of all abilities, from beginners to elite, are welcome.

Get in a good mental state

If you look at Tori’s bike, you will see a little sticker of a Chinese symbol. It means “limitless,” a word that her father constantly reminds her she is. Tori said she looks at the sticker whenever she is facing a challenge on the course, is feeling tired or is just generally not in a great mood. “It’s all in my head most of the time,” said Tori, “I just look at the sticker and know I can do this.”

This article was originally published on May 31, 2017, and has been updated on February 17, 2022.

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