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Upper Extremity Injuries in Soccer Are More Common Than You Think

With R. Glenn Gaston, MD

Just because they are not meant to advance the ball with their hands doesn't mean soccer players aren't battling upper extremity injuries.

OrthoCarolina hand specialist Dr. Glenn Gaston sees plenty of soccer players at the Hand Center in Charlotte. He often treats broken and fractured wrists and fingers he recently told Fox46 Charlotte.

A common misperception is that if an injury can be moved then it isn’t broken or fractured. That is not the case and one reason many upper extremity issues could be missed on the field.

Parents commonly ask Dr. Gaston when it’s time to come in and have an injury evaluated. He recommends initially sidelining the injured player and applying ice. If after the game there is still pain, swelling or bruising that it’s important to see an orthopedist.


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