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By Dr. Eric B. Laxer


Back pain is an extremely common ailment and often, those who have it aren’t sure whether it’s time to take that next step and give a physician or back specialist a call.

Dr. Eric Laxer of the OrthoCarolina Spine Center has several recommendations for care to try at your own home.

Movement positions

Avoid any body movements that increase pain and try to find a body position or stretch that decreases pain. Once you’ve found that pain-reducing position, turn it into an exercise you can do periodically throughout the day. For example, a back injury could make bending forward to touch toes painful, but bending backward feels much better. You would avoid bending forward and focus on stretching the back throughout the day by bending back.

Over-the-counter medications

Try over-the-counter medications such as Advil, Aleve or Tylenol at the recommended doses if your health allows.

Ice or heat?

There is no hard or fast rule for icing or heating your back injury. After trying both, choose which one works best for you and stick with it. Apply the ice or heat for 20 minutes at a time, four times daily, or more if you’d like.

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With some symptoms and conditions, it is recommended to seek care immediately. Read more about the symptoms Dr. Laxer recommends having treated immediately and find one of our orthopedic Urgent Care locations.

Dr. Eric B. Laxer, a physician specializing in spine care, practices at OrthoCarolina's Spine Center, Ballantyne and South Park locations.

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