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Trigger finger, also commonly referred to as trigger thumb, is an extremely common but painful condition. Those who experience trigger finger may no longer be able to perform daily tasks and activities without debilitating pain. 

The five most common symptoms of trigger finger are:

1. Pain
The pain is felt at the base of the finger where it meets the palm.

2. Popping
When the finger is moved or extended, you may hear an actual popping or clicking sound.

3. Catching
When attempting to extend the finger, you may feel like the finger catches or is locking up along the way.

4. Limited Movement
The finger may often stay in a neutral position due to pain and the difficulty associated with movement.

5. A Lump
A lump may be present at the base of the finger that is painful to touch or pressure.

Overuse of the finger and repeated strong gripping can result in trigger finger. Treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, are available for patients including bracing the finger, anti-inflammatories, and steroid injections. Speak to your orthopedic surgeon about what treatment methods may be right for you.


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