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As the director of clinical operations for OrthoCarolina, David Little has seen plenty of athletes stopped in their tracks by injury. But it was his own recurring problems that taught him the valuable lesson of patient patience and the power of the simplest treatments. David shares with us his tactics for pulling through the mental challenges of injury recovery, and what he wishes every runner knew about recovery.

Besides your clinical training you have a lot of personal experience in athletics and injury recovery.

I was pretty athletic growing up. Played a lot of soccer, which unfortunately is one of the main reasons I got into orthopedics. I had a lot of orthopedic injuries. I went through four ACL’s on my right knee and had two more surgeries after that. In total I had six knee surgeries. After the knee surgeries I hung up the soccer cleats but continued to run. Just doing 5K’s, half marathons, trail runs, that sort of thing...

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